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Coin Programme

New Releases


Chivalry Silver Proof Coin
Chivalry Silver Coin
Chivalry Copper Coin

Knights’ Tales is a fascinating five-coin series in which we travel back in time to a bygone age that was notorious for being bloody and brutal. But the Middle Ages was also the age of chivalry, when high-born warriors known as knights rode into battle on horseback dressed in full armour.

silver coin, chivalry, proof


Silver bullion coin Wiener Neustadt

The three coins celebrating the 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint are all linked to the ransom paid to Duke Leopold of Austria for the release of King Richard the Lionheart of England in 1194. They also all contain one ounce of fine silver, the precious metal used to pay the huge ransom, which was partly used to build the stronghold of Wiener Neustadt.

Wiener Neustadt RV

13 March 2019

Spring Awakening Copper Coin
Spring Awakening Silver Coin

Put a spring in your step with the Easter Coin 2019 – Spring Awakening. After the long, cold sleep of winter, spring is the time of year when the natural world bursts back to life in an explosion of activity. A time of hope and rebirth, spring is also host to Easter, the oldest of the Christian festivals.

5 Euro silver coin Spring awakening


The Turtle

With its retractable neck and shield-like shell, the turtle is one of the most peculiar and distinctive animals on the planet. The docile and leisurely nature of the subject of the tenth glow-in-the-dark coin in our bestselling Colourful Creatures series has also made the turtle a popular pet, usually in the form of the land-dwelling tortoise or the semi-aquatic terrapin.

3-euro coin colourful creatures 2019 the turtle reverse


Viktor Frankl

The author of 32 books and the recipient of 29 honorary doctorates, Viennese neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl was most famous for his bestselling book Man's Search for Meaning. He was also the founder of Logotherapy, a form of existential analysis and the ‘Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy’.

50 euro gold coin Viktor Frankl


Silver bullion coin Leopold V.

The first of three coins celebrating the 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint is dedicated to a key figure in the monetary history of Austria. A man whose legacy still continues today, Duke Leopold V would no doubt approve of the coin struck in his honour, as it not only contains one ounce of fine silver but is also a coveted collector piece.

Leopold V


The Dream of Flight

Celebrating the story of manned flight, from the first fearless pioneers to the crowded skies of today, Reaching for the Sky makes four stopovers at the most important stages in the history of air travel. The series takes off in the shape of The Dream of Flight, which illustrates how the fantasy of flight eventually became reality.

reaching for the sky avers


Official Austrian Euro coin set 2019 – Proof

The Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2019 celebrates the 825th anniversary of the Vienna Mint. This complete euro coin set comprises each of the Proof quality euro and cent coins in circulation. Proof quality coins are the fruit of the most advanced minting know-how, technology and craftsmanship. 

Euro coin set 2019 proof


Official Austrian Euro coin set 2019

The Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2019 celebrates the 825th anniversary of the Vienna Mint. Established with the ransom paid in 1194 for the release of King Richard ‘The Lionheart’ of England, who had been held in the castle of Dürnstein since 1192 by Duke Leopold V of Austria, the country’s one and only mint officially became known as the Austrian Mint in 1989.

Euro coin set 2019


New Year Coin 2019 Copper Coin
New Year Coin 2019 Silver Coin

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the State Opera in Vienna, our New Year Coin 2019 takes its inspiration from the concept of Lebensfreude, a heady cocktail of contentment, exuberance and lust for life.

New years coin 2019 copper


The Frog

Showing the agile amphibian in its full glory, the vivid green ninth coin in the Austrian Mint’s glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series is a must for all frog lovers.

Colourful creatures, the frog


Silver Coin 200th Anniversary of Silent Night

One of the most popular and enduring songs of all time celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2018. Silent Night was first performed on Christmas Eve 1818 in the church of St Nicholas in Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. The church was destroyed by flooding in the early 20th century but in its place stands the Silent Night memorial chapel. A coloured, glow-in-the-dark star of Bethlehem shines down on the tiny chapel on this fabulously festive Christmas coin.

200 years silent night


The Mallard – Gold Coin

Of the six animals featured in the Wildlife in our Sights series, the mallard is the only one that most of us are likely to see on a daily basis. As it is able to thrive in urban areas, the duck is a common sight in parks lakes, rivers and canals throughout Western Europe. But as the final coin in the series shows with brilliant clarity, the mallard’s ubiquity does not make it any less striking.

The mallard, avers


Prudence and Reform – 20 Euro Silver Coin

Rounding off the Empress Maria Theresa series, Prudence and Reform, like all the coins in the series, is minted in extra-bold relief and has been inspired by medals issued during the 40-year reign of the Empress.

Maria Theresa silver coin, prudence and reform


The Owl

The eighth coin in the Austrian Mint’s best-selling glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series, The Owl is as distinctive as the magnificent bird itself.

Colourful creatures, the owl


Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Silver Proof Coin
Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Silver Coin
Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Copper Coin

The only angel in the Austrian Mint’s interfaith Guardian Angels series not recognised as an archangel by the Roman Catholic church, Uriel, the subject of the fourth coin, comforts us in dark moments, gives us energy and helps us find the joy in life. 

10 Euro Uriel, silver, proof, AV


The Shark

The seventh coin in our glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series features the most fearsome shark – the Great White.

colourful creatures, the shark


Anthropocene Silver Niobium Coin

The footprint of humanity on the Earth is unfortunately a massive one. So big that experts now agree that humanity’s impact on the planet is so profound that it is time to declare a new geologic epoch – the Anthropocene.

Silver niobium coin Anthropocene


Clemency and Faith – 20 Euro Silver Coin

The third coin in our Empress Maria Theresa series features the only ever female ruler of the Habsburg Empire wearing a widow’s veil. Empress Maria Theresa donned the veil following the sudden death of her beloved husband, Francis I, in 1765. Like the other coins in the series, Clemency and Faith has been inspired by medals issued during the Empress’ reign and minted in extra-bold relief.

Silver coin Maria Theresa clemency