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Coin Programme

New Releases

3 October 2018

The Mallard – Gold Coin

Of the six animals featured in the Wildlife in our Sights series, the mallard is the only one that most of us are likely to see on a daily basis. As it is able to thrive in urban areas, the duck is a common sight in parks lakes, rivers and canals throughout Western Europe. But as the final coin in the series shows with brilliant clarity, the mallard’s ubiquity does not make it any less striking.

The mallard, avers

3 October 2018

Prudence and Reform – 20 Euro Silver Coin

Rounding off the Empress Maria Theresa series, Prudence and Reform, like all the coins in the series, is minted in extra-bold relief and has been inspired by medals issued during the 40-year reign of the Empress.

Maria Theresa silver coin, prudence and reform

5 September 2018

The Owl

The eighth coin in the Austrian Mint’s best-selling glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series, The Owl is as distinctive as the magnificent bird itself.

Colourful creatures, the owl


Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Silver Proof Coin
Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Silver Coin
Uriel – The Illuminating Angel Copper Coin

The only angel in the Austrian Mint’s interfaith Guardian Angels series not recognised as an archangel by the Roman Catholic church, Uriel, the subject of the fourth coin, comforts us in dark moments, gives us energy and helps us find the joy in life. 

10 Euro Uriel, silver, proof, AV

6 June 2018

The Shark

The seventh coin in our glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series features the most fearsome shark – the Great White.

colourful creatures, the shark

6 June 2018

Anthropocene Silver Niobium Coin

The footprint of humanity on the Earth is unfortunately a massive one. So big that experts now agree that humanity’s impact on the planet is so profound that it is time to declare a new geologic epoch – the Anthropocene.

Silver niobium coin Anthropocene

25 April 2018

Clemency and Faith – 20 Euro Silver Coin

The third coin in our Empress Maria Theresa series features the only ever female ruler of the Habsburg Empire wearing a widow’s veil. Empress Maria Theresa donned the veil following the sudden death of her beloved husband, Francis I, in 1765. Like the other coins in the series, Clemency and Faith has been inspired by medals issued during the Empress’ reign and minted in extra-bold relief.

Silver coin Maria Theresa clemency

7 March 2018

The Parrot

Found in most tropical and subtropical regions, parrots are, along with the crow family, among the most intelligent birds. The ability of some species of parrot to imitate the human voice makes them popular pets, but has also resulted in them being more exploited than other types of bird.

Colourful creatures the parrot

7 March 2018

Easter Bunny Copper Coin
Easter Bunny Silver Coin
Easter Bunny Bundle Silver Coin and Porcelain Rabbit

One coin, two special occasions. Celebrating both Easter and the 300th anniversary of the manufacture of porcelain in Vienna, our Easter Bunny coin features a depiction of a very special rabbit. Designed by ceramicist and sculptor Michael Powolny around 1930, it is one of the most charming pieces ever produced by Vienna’s famous Augarten Porcelain Manufactory.

5-Euro silver Easter Bunny reverse


Raphael – The Healing Angel Silver Proof Coin
Raphael – The Healing Angel Silver Coin
Raphael – The Healing Angel Copper Coin

Worshipped by Christians and Jews for his special healing powers, archangel Raphael is the inspiration for the third coin in our interfaith Guardian Angels series. The talismanic properties of Raphael – The Healing Angel coin encompass both the body and the soul since Raphael watches over us when we travel, helps us heal and boosts our vitality.



Official Austrian Coin Set 2018

To celebrate the founding of the Austrian Republic, a 2 euro coin featuring the statue of Pallas Athena, which stands proudly in front of the Parliament building in Vienna, forms the centrepiece of the Official Austrian Coin Set 2018.

2018 proof coin set


Alfred Adler

The second coin in our enlightening The Vienna Schools of Psychotherapy gold series is dedicated to Alfred Adler (1870-1937). Originally a member of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic movement, Adler broke with Freud and founded the Society for Individual Psychology in 1912.

gold coin Alfred Adler Avers


2 Euro Commemorative Coin

In its brass core, the coin shows a detail of the statue of Pallas Athena that stands in front of the neoclassical Parliament building in Vienna.

2 Euro 100 anniversary of the republic of Austria Avers


New Year Coin 2018 in Silver

Celebrating the 650th anniversary of the founding of the Austrian National Library, our New Year coin 2018 features the lustrous head of a lion that graces the cover of the oldest book among the millions in the library’s impressive collection.

2018 new years coin, silver


New Year Coin 2018 in Copper

Celebrating the 650th anniversary of the founding of the Austrian National Library, our New Year coin 2018 features the lustrous head of a lion that graces the cover of the oldest book among the millions in the library’s impressive collection.

2018 New years coin copper