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Coin Subscription

Be on the save side with a subscription.

With the Austrian Mint’s subscription service you can get your collector coins and euro coin sets safely and effortlessly delivered directly to your home.

By simply choosing the coins you would like to purchase on a regular basis you can make sure that you never miss a new issue and are always among the first to get hold of one.

    coin series

Your benefits


Highly sought-after coins are reserved for you within the requisite payment period.


Upon receipt of your payment, coins will be delivered to you immediately after the day of issue by registered post.


How to take out a subscription


With the classic subscription you order a coin type: e.g. all 20 Euro silver coins in "proof quality". With this subscription you will receive for example in 2021 two coins of the series "The Eyes of the World" and one coin of the series "The Uncharted Universe". This subscription runs until you cancel it.


With the series subscription you order the coins of a certain series: e.g. the series "The Eyes of the World" or "The Language of Flowers". A series subscription ends automatically with the last coin of a series.

Here you can find the coin programme 2021.

    series subscription of the Austrian Mint

Series Subscription

All coins out of a series

With series subscriptions you order the coins that belong to a given series. A series subscription ends automatically when the last coin in the series has been issued.

    the coin subscription

Classic Subscription

Be on the save side with a subscription

Many coins are available via subscription from the Austrian Mint. As soon as a new coin is issued, you are guaranteed to receive it.

Self Collection or Delivery

When concluding a subscription you can always choose whether to collect your products in person at the Münze Österreich shop at Am Heumarkt, 1030 Vienna, or to have them delivered in a secure and insured package.

From the coin’s date of issue, you can collect it from the Münze Österreich shop.  Single package deliveries usually arrive at your home address a couple of days after the date of issue.

New: In addition to single deliveries we also offer half-yearly deliveries for all your subscription coins.


From 1 January 2021, as a subscriber you will have the option of having ordered products sent to you in group deliveries twice yearly. This saves on postage at no additional cost to you. The advantages of half-yearly deliveries are:

  • Lower delivery costs than with individual deliveries.
  • You receive your subscription coins in two half-yearly grouped deliveries.
  • Convenient payment exclusively by credit card.
  • Packages are 100% insured until handed over to you.
  • You do not need to worry about anything. The delivery is sent automatically.
  • If you would like to change or cancel your subscription, this is possible at any time.

Please contact us at if you wish to use this service for your subscriptions. 

    Collector Coins


  • The subscription begins with the next issue of the respective type of coin subscribed for. If you pay by credit card, your card will be charged around two weeks before the date of issue. You will receive no separate information about the direct debit.
  • Unfortunately, we can no longer accept subscriptions to our Supersaurs series and our The Uncharted Universe series, as reservations exceed the number of coins available.
  • Half-yearly delivery subscriptions are only possible with payment by credit card. Coins issued from January to June: shipment after the issue date of the last coin issued in June. Coins issued from July to December: shipment after the issue date of the last coin issued in December. Payment is taken around two weeks before the second half-yearly issue.


    Silver Coins

FAQs coin subscription

Here you find our FAQs concerning coin subscription.

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Information about your current subscriptions, subscription archive and much more.