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Gold Savings Gift Plan

An ongoing guarantee

Whether as a Christmas, New Year, Easter or birthday gift, or just because you have always wanted to give something special to someone you love, with our Gold Savings Gift Plan a gold investment coin will be added to the portfolio of your chosen recipient at the same date every year.

Palpable and precious

The Austrian Mint does not deal in the theoretical value of ‘paper investments’, which are subject to the vagaries of the stock market, we deal instead in a palpable physical commodity - precious metals. When you buy gold from us, it is physically delivered to you and becomes your property.

Transparent and effortless

Once you opt for our Gold Savings Plan, we will act in your name and in your interest. A few weeks before each delivery date we will ask you for your payment but if, for whatever reason, you do not wish to go ahead with that particular order, we will cancel it at no cost to you.

Tailored to your needs

You can choose a regular monthly, quarterly or yearly order, or any other interval of your choosing, from our wide range of investment coins, which include the Vienna Philharmonic in gold, silver and platinum, Ducats, Gulden and Crowns.

Precious metals

    Gold Investment

Gold as a gift

In addition to the golden Vienna Philharmonic, the Austrian Mint offers gold bars from one gram to one kilo, also ducats, gulden and crowns can be found in our brilliant offer.

    Silver Investment

Silver as a gift

The Vienna Philharmonic is also made from 1 ounce of pure silver. Silver is a coveted precious metal. Therefore, the Silver Philharmonic offers investors a high level of security.

    Platinum Invetment

Platinum as a gift

The Platinum Philharmonic represents an alternative to an investment in gold. Platinum does not shy the comparison, on the contrary: the coveted precious metal is about as valuable as gold.