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The Series Subscription

Be on the safe side with a series subscription

All our coins are available via Austrian Mint series subscriptions. As soon as a new coin is issued, you are guaranteed to receive it. With series subscriptions you order the coins that belong to a given series. A series subscription ends automatically when the last coin in the series has been issued.

The 3-euro coins are among our most sought-after products. Issue after issue is sold out.  From November 2022, we will be diving into the depths of the oceans with a new series. On the occasion of the UN Decade of Ocean Exploration, we are inviting you on a journey to the Luminous Ocean Worlds. This series is also made up of twelve coins, four of which will be issued each year in a mintage of 65,000. Once again, one coin side will surprise you with color effects. But we don't want to reveal everything just yet. Just this much: there will be no glow-in-the-dark, as with the previous 3-euro pieces, in the new series. But you can be sure that with our "Glowing Sea Worlds" series, it won't just be the viewer's eyes that light up. A whole new effect awaits you. In addition, there will again be a great album - to collect, marvel and learn.

If you too would like to continue collecting the coveted 3-euro coins, we ask you to take out a new series subscription now. Your existing subscription will not be automatically renewed!

Therefore: Secure your new subscription for the "Luminous Marine Worlds" right now. The registration for the new 3-Euro-Series Subscription "Shining Marine Worlds" is possible online here for a short time!

    the series subscription

Choose your series

Luminous Marine Life

The new 3-Euro coin series "luminous marine worlds" will start in November 2022. Here you can subscribe to the series for a short time.

    New Year Coins

New years coins

All New Year's coins either in silver or copper, or both on time before the turn of the year and guaranteed – simply practical.

    Easter Coins

Easter coins

All Easter coins, in copper or silver always before the feast in the basket, what more do you want?

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The Language of Flowers


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The Eyes of the World

    magic of gold

The magic of gold

Get each coin of this fascinating gold coin series with a serial subscription.