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Series Subscription

Be on the safe side with a series subscription

All our coins are available via Münze Österreich AG series subscriptions. As soon as a new coin is issued, you are guaranteed to receive it. With a series subscription you order all the coins in a series. A series subscription ends automatically when the last coin in the series has been issued.

Our 3 euro coins are among our most sought-after products, with issue after issue selling out. On the occasion of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, from November 2022 we will be diving into the depths of the oceans with a new series, Luminous Marine Life. Like all our previous 3 euro series, Luminous Marine Life also consists of 12 coins, 4 of which will be issued each year with a total mintage of 65,00 pieces. Once again, one side of the coins features special colour and lighting effects. But we don't want to reveal everything just yet – only that there will be no glow-in-the-dark effect as in our previous 3 euro series. But you can be sure that the coins will not only make your eyes light up. A whole new experience awaits you that will make you feel that nature is at your fingertips. In addition, an album packed with fascinating information about the 12 sea creatures that feature on the coins accompanies the series.

If you would like to continue collecting our coveted 3 euro coins, we recommend you take out a new series subscription. Your existing subscription will not be automatically renewed! For this reason, secure your Luminous Marine Life subscription right now. You can take out your series subscription here while stocks last.

    the series subscription

Choose your series

Luminous Marine Life

The new 3 euro Luminous Marine Life series begins in November 2022. You can subscribe to the series here while stocks last.

    New Year Coins

New Year coins

All our New Year coins in either silver or copper without the stress of Christmas shopping.

    Easter Coins

Easter coins

Our Easter coins in copper or silver make ideal additions to Easter baskets.

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The Language of Flowers

This seven-coin series presents flowers of incomparable beauty.

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Eyes of the World

Introducing five exceptional animals, each one embodying a special characteristic. 

    magic of gold

The magic of gold

Get every gold coin in this fascinating series with a series subscription.