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The Series Subscription

Be on the safe side with a series subscription

All our coins are available via Austrian Mint series subscriptions. As soon as a new coin is issued, you are guaranteed to receive it. With series subscriptions you order the coins that belong to a given series. A series subscription ends automatically when the last coin in the series has been issued.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their keen interest in both our 3 euro Colourful Creatures coins and the follow-up series Super Saurs.

The number of reservations far exceeded all expectations and even though we increased the coins’ mintage, demand was still far higher than the quota available. For this reason, we are not able to accept any more subscriptions for our 3 euro Super Saurs series.

On the day of issue, we are pleased to be able to make some coins available for sale, while stocks last, both in our shop in Vienna and online. Please be aware that while the idea is to give as many people as possible the chance to purchase one of these beautiful coins, in both cases the quantity available is limited.

the series subscription

Choose your series

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The Eyes of the World

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The Uncharted Universe

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The Language of Flowers


with chainmail and sword

Knights' Tales

Subscribe to this 10 Euro coin series in three different qualities.

Coin series Alpine Treasures

Alpine Treasures

Get each coin of this fascinating 50 euro gold coin series with a series subscription.

magic of gold

The magic of gold

Get each coin of this fascinating gold coin series with a serial subscription.

New year, new luck

New years coins

All New Year's coins either in silver or copper, or both on time before the turn of the year and guaranteed – simply practical.


Easter coins

All Easter coins, in copper or silver always before the feast in the basket, what more do you want?