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Euro coins

Euro coins sorted by face value, special coins and euro coin sets

For all coin enthusiasts who like to collect coins based on their face value, the following is a summary of our Euro coins. The nominal or face value of a coin is its value as a means of payment. In the case of collector coins, however, this is often far less than its collector value, or the value of the metal.

Our classic Euro coin sets in both Special Uncirculated and Proof quality, as well as our popular Baby Euro coin sets, are particularly popular among collectors and make great gifts.

    Exemplary 2 Euro Coin

2 Euro Coins

Our 2 euro commemorative coins are coveted collector items.

    3 Euro Coins

3 Euro Coins

Our colorful glow-in-the-dark coins delight coin collectors of all ages.

    5 Euro Coin in silver

5 Euro Coins

Austria’s nine federal states give our 5 euro coins their nine-sided shape.

    10 Euro Coin in Silver

10 Euro Coins

Discover our 10 euro coins series in copper and silver.

    20 Euro Silver Coin

20 Euro Coins

Our 20 Euro silver coins add brilliance with their wealth of detail.

    25 Euro coin

25 Euro Coins

Our Silver Niobium coins are the stars of our coin range.

    Gold Coin

50 Euro Gold Coins

Our gold coins make every collection shine.

    10 Euro Gold Coin

100 Euro Gold Coins

Especially valuable and the recipients of numerous awards.

    Baby coin set 2021


Baby Euro Coin Set

Our Baby Euro coin set makes for an adorable gift for children and all babies born this year.

    2021 Euro coin set

Official Austrian Euro coin set

Year after year, our Euro coin sets delight passionate collectors and those who receive them as a gift.