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Calendar Medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze

Ingenious, practical and attractive, calendar medals change annually to reflect the year’s astrological ruler and also show every national holiday and Sunday in the year.
Calendar medal 2020 in gold

Calendar Medal 2020 in Gold

Calendar medal 2020 in silver blisterpack

Calendar Medal 2020 in Silver

Calendar medal 2020 in Bronze reverse

Calendar Medal 2020 in Bronze

Calendar medal 2020 silver gold plated blisterpack

Calendar Medal 2020 in Silver gold-plated

Calendar medal 2019 gold

calendar medal 2019 in gold

Calendar medal 2019 silver

calendar medals 2019 in silver

Calendar medal 2019 silver gold plated

calendar medal 2019 in silver gold-plated

Calendar medal 2019 bronze

calendar medal 2018 in bronze