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Gift Ideas for all Occasions

Coins, medals and jewelry – Gifts of lasting value

Münze Österreich offers suitable gift ideas for many occasions. These gift ideas in the form of medals or coins can also be ordered in beautiful packaging according to the occasion. With many of our medals, your personal congratulations are possible by means of individual engraving. And this without additional costs.

For many occasions, the Vienna Philharmonic in gold in smaller denominations, such as in 1/10 ounce or 1/25 ounce in gold, are ideal. We hope you will find the right gift from the assortment of the Münze Österreich.



Not everyone is raised with a silver spoon. But even for the small purse there is something made of silver, platinum or even gold, which celebrates the joyful occasion worthy.



When the world seems to have come to rest, when you finally have more time for family, yes, when that special time has come, give something that will stand the test of time.

    gifts for new year

New Year

Several of our products fit this occasion perfectly. For example, the calendar medal, the lucky chip or the New Year coin; each year these offer a new subject that is sure to put you in a celebratory mood!

    first communion

First communion

As a child’s admission into society, first communion is one of the most important moments in a Young person’s life. With the gift of a coin or medal from the Austrian Mint you can make sure it is also one that will never be forgotten.



If you would like to give the happy couple a gift to help them embark on their journey together, the gift of a beautiful collector or investment coin is the ideal way to set them along the road to mutual prosperity.



Confirmation is both a celebration of becoming part of something and coming of age. If you would like to help a child on his or her way with something more than just good advice, a coin has both material and intangible value.



Whether it's the much-awaited 18th, the next round birthday or just a normal anniversary, a coin gift adds a sparkle to the occasion that will not fade over the years, on the contrary.



A gift as a reward or as a consolation if the school certificate did not turn out so well; perhaps in the latter case it will act as an incentive to do better next time.

    Easter Gift Ideas


And how great is the excitement of the finder when it shimmers and shines from the hiding place. - We offer exciting themes on beautiful coins made of various valuable metals.

    mother's day

Mother's Day

We would be surprised if we didn't have anything in our range that appealed to your wife Mama. Music to her ears could also be a Vienna Philharmonic.

    father's day

Father's Day

As far as Father's Day is concerned, most fathers display great modesty. - But then smile in surprise, shyly, when they receive gifts.

    valentine's day

Valentine's Day

Lovers mark the day very thickly in the calendar. Intimate friendships become even more intimate on this day. We have a few gift ideas.



For all those who want to make their retirement quite restless, namely active, it is important to have something on the side. Our coins are good for hedging.