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Special confirmation gifts

Finally grown up

Like Baptism and First Communion before it, Confirmation is a further, decisive step into the community of believers and a big step towards adulthood. - You may want to give the child something to take with him on his journey through life, but what? More than good advice? Coins have both sentimental and material value.

A nice tradition are medals made of silver as a souvenir - with plenty of space for an individual engraving. All engravings for occasion medals can be easily commissioned when ordering online.

    confirmation medal

Confirmation gifts

    1 ducat in blisterpack

1 Ducat in Miniblister

    1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

1/10 Ounce fine gold plus Packing

    1 Ounce Fine Silver plus Packing

1 Ounce Fine silver plus packing

    1/4 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

1/4 Ounce fine gold plus Packing

    Vienna Philharmonic plus packing

1/25 Ounce fine gold plus Packing

    Special Occasion Medal

Classic Confirmation Medal

    4 Ducat in blister pack

4 Ducat plus Blister

    Special Occastion Medal

Historical Confirmation Medal

    Teddy Bear Medal

Teddy Bear Medals

Beautifully crafted with loving detail, this Teddy Bear medal is one of the sweetest gifts.

    Gift packing

Packaging ideas

These special packaging options make the gift of coins easier and more attractive.