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For security reasons and for a better surfing experience, we ask you to update your browser to the latest version.


Security is a top priority at the Austrian Mint and the Internet is no exception. We do our utmost to protect your personal information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Our Online Shop has a VeriSign certificate and with AES-256 it is encrypted to a very high degree with 256 bits. Please make sure that the address bar of your browser starts with https://. Modern browsers show the first part of the address bar in green.

We do not save any credit card information. Credit card payment is done via an interface directly with mPay24 GmbH. For your security, we only use the systems Master Card Secure Code and Verified by VISA for credit card payments. With these security systems the payment is only approved once you have entered one of your passwords, which only you can access. If you are not yet equipped with any of these safe payment methods, please talk to your bank and have the security on your credit card upgraded today.

3-D Secure:  Making safe payments on the Internet

In order for payments on the Internet to be as easy and secure as possible, special procedures have been developed called Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. The collective term for these secure payment methods is 3-D Secure.

Verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure

Register for a 3-D Secure password for your credit card free of charge and enjoy the utmost security when shopping online!

How 3-D Secure works

When you register your card at no extra cost you choose any 3-D Secure password. Every time you pay online with your credit card, this password will be requested provided the dealer also participates in the 3-D Secure system. This lets you identify yourself beyond a doubt as the proper owner of your credit card because you are the one who knows your password.

Our Data transfer

All information transferred to or from the Austrian Mint is encrypted.

Our servers are always maintained, equipped with state-of-the-art firewalls and undergo regular security tests.

The Austrian Mint is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and registered in the data processing register under No. 0558826.

Internet Security Tips

By observing just a few simple tips you can easily increase your personal security when ordering over the Internet:

  • A password should contain at least eight characters and have both letters and numbers. Choose a password that you can remember but not one that others near you would easily think of, such as your first name and year of birth. If you want to write down your password, keep the information in a safe place. Remember that a password is like your ATM code.
  • If you do forget your password, you can request a temporary password at any time and then change this to a new password.
  • For credit card payments it is essential to use the 3D Secure options of Master Card and VISA (all credit card purchases at the Austrian Mint are secured this way). In this way you create an additional security level that protects you in the event anyone writes down the security code on the back of your credit card; it is always visible when the signature is being checked.
  • Enter your personal information only in an encrypted area and make sure that all the data collection is done in this area. Encrypted areas on a website are marked as such in the address bar and start with https://. Some browsers even show the picture of a closed lock or are coloured green.
  • Handle your personal information confidentially and set up more than one user on your computer if you are not the sole user of it. Remember that given the service mindset, information on forms, user names and passwords are saved in most browsers. Disable these memory functions (AutoFill). This means a little more typing but a higher level of security.
  • Operate your computer wherever possible behind a firewall and regularly use antivirus, antispyware and other protection programs.
  • Please remember that unsecure WLANs are accessible for everyone within the signal range and your computer may be accessed too if it does not have additional security.


Recently there has been an increase in reports of cases of fraudsters using fake messages (e-mail, Facebook messages, etc.) to ask for money or the payment of outstanding invoices by pretending to be friends, relations, colleagues or superiors of the recipient.

If you receive demands of this nature and the names of the senders sound familiar to you, you should check the authenticity of these mails by contacting these persons via other channels such as by telephone or by text message. The Austrian Mint advises you to exercise extreme caution in such cases as we are unable to replace any losses you may incur.