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Piggy banks don’t glisten like gold

Gold was used as money 1,000 years ago, it still is today and it will be 1,000 years from now.

When it comes to gold you don’t need any knowledge of the stock market nor do you need to follow share prices daily. Gold is an uncomplicated investment and easy to get hold of, whether at banks or, of course, the Austrian Mint. Gold has always been in demand because it is both a secure investment and legal tender.

Gold is a great alternative because there are hardly any other alternatives.

The first gold coins to be manufactured with a unified value appeared in 560 BC under King Croesus of Lydia. As money started to lose significance in the Roman Empire, Constantine the Great replaced it around AD 310 with a stable gold currency. In 1816, Great Britain established gold as a temporary national currency under the ‘Lord Liverpool Act’.

These historical examples show that gold has always been relied on and it will continue to be relied on in future too. When you consider that the fine ounce of gold was only worth $252.80 in July 1999 yet it reached a record high of $1920.65 in September 2011, you can see that opting for gold pays off in the long run.

Optimists invest in gold. Pessimists do too.

In contrast to national currencies, the marketability of precious metals does not depend on state guarantees, making gold both very stable and highly valued. Of course, the value of gold can dip temporarily but history has proven that it always rises again. Gold will never be worthless and the sense of financial security it engenders is one more good reason to invest in it.

Gold looks great on Christmas trees – but even better under them.

The name gold comes from the Indo-Germanic word for ‘brilliant’ and rightly so because its prospects are exactly that. So why not give some to your loved ones?

Gold is far more than just jewellery and it is even worthwhile investing in it in small amounts. You don’t have to be rich now to end up owning a small fortune one day. 

When it comes to gold every cloud has a golden lining.

Whether as a present for your loved ones, as a reward for yourself or as an investment, you can find out more about the benefits of investing in gold at your local bank or financial institution.

This is just a brief overview. We hope that you discover gold for yourself and start investing in a brilliant future.


Gold was used as money 1,000 years ago, it still is today and it will be 1,000 years from now.