• Colourfull creatures, the tiger
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    Colourful Creatures
    The Tiger


    Not only one of the most spectacular and beautiful of animals but also one of the most popular, the tiger is the second coin in our dramatic Colourful Creatures series, which explores the wonderful world of wildlife. Like the tiger itself, the glow-in-the-dark coin becomes active at night, but that is not its only extraordinary feature ― all 12 coins in the series are the first ever Austrian 3 euro coins.

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Just like certain nocturnal species, the animals featured on the twelve extraordinary coins in our new Colourful Creatures series become active at night − by glowing in the dark. The series has special appeal for children, who can enjoy the coins long after they have gone to bed, but we believe the series is going to prove popular with animal lovers and coin collectors of all ages.

The Austrian Mint’s master engravers have taken their world-famous craftsmanship and attention to detail to another level with this series by combining the coins’ surface relief, colour application and superb artwork to dramatic effect. Even the coin’s face value is out of the ordinary:Colourful Creatures is the first ever Austrian 3 euro coin series. With a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces, the twelve glow-in-the-dark coloured coins will be issued every three months over the next three years.

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