Vienna Philharmonic
1 Ounce Fine silver (999)
Product No. 15369
€ 22.80
incl. 20% VAT
Comes without packaging
The runaway success of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin is not only limited to its golden manifestation. Struck in pure silver, the silver Vienna Philharmonic has also proved to be a massive hit with investors. Investment folder 2016 (13.81 MB)
quality: uncirculated
occasion: Father's Day
face value: 1.5 Euro
coin design: Thomas Pesendorfer
diameter: 37.00 mm
alloy: Silver Ag 999
fine weight: 31.07 g
Investment folder 2016 (13,810.95 kB)



When the Austrian Mint first issued Vienna Philharmonic coins in silver in February 2008, it was the first time that a European silver bullion coin had been brought on to the market featuring silver of 99.9 per cent purity. The market had long been waiting for a product of these characteristics and within a month of the date of issue, the millionth coin was struck. By the end of 2008, eight million Vienna Philharmonic coins in silver had been sold. Since sales began of 1 February 2008, this silver coin has been struck exclusively in the 1 ounce version and in a quantity that reflects market demand.

Several million are sold every year.

Given the enthusiastic reception that Vienna Philharmonics in gold have enjoyed among investors worldwide, it was decided that a virtually identical version of Thomas Pesendorfer’s original design for the gold coins should also appear on the silver coins. A full ounce of silver at an attractive price: perfect for investing, collecting and giving. It is available without packaging or in a fine red case.

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Year uncirculated special uncirculated Proof
2015 7.298,600 - -
2014 4.643,508 - -
2013 14.536,400 - -
2012 8.769,200 - -
2011 17.873,700 - -
2010 11.358,200 - -
2009 9.014,800 - -
2008 7.773,000 - -

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