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100 Crown
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Dating back to the currency reform of 1892, the Crown became the first gold currency in Austria’s history when 10 and 20 crown coins were issued in place of the Gulden. The stately and much larger 100 crown coin was issued on Emperor Franz Joseph’s diamond jubilee in 1908. Investment folder 2016 (13.81 MB)
diameter: 37.00 mm
alloy: Gold Au 900
fine weight: 30.49 g
total weight: 33.88 g
Investment folder 2016 (13,810.95 kB)


Know How

The profile of the long-reigning Emperor, under whom Austria saw immense strides forward in many aspects of political, economic and cultural life, appears on the obverse of all three crowns. Latin for crown, the word 'Corona' appears on their reverse, as does the year 1915 when Crowns ceased to be struck, although the 10 crown coin actually ceased in 1910.

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