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Maria Theresa Taler
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A historical souvenir combining beauty of design with the value of silver, the Maria Theresa Taler is one of the Austrian Mint’s most internationally recognised coins. One of the most famous silver coins in the world, it is also one of the most minted, having been continuously re-struck since 1857.
quality: uncirculated
diameter: 42.00 mm
alloy: Silver Ag 833,3
fine weight: 23.39 g
total weight: 28.07 g


Bearing the portrait of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, the first Taler was struck in 1741. Originally issued in 1780, the year of her death, the present coin shows the Empress in her later years on its obverse.  The reverse shows the imperial crown flanked by a pair of eagle heads above a shield covered in different coats of arms. Although legal tender in Austria until 1858, in many African countries the Maria Theresa Taler was still used as legal tender during the Second World War. 

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