So glad you are here
Teddy Bear medal – with Zirconia
Product No. 21147
€ 30.00
incl. 20% VAT
Comes in a blister pack featuring information about the product in German
The big heart on the medal held by the Teddy bear now comes in two colours – classic red and cool blue.

This Teddy Bear medal comes in three different blister packs: one with the greeting “So glad you are here”; one with “Thanks for being my friend”; and one with “You are my sweetheart”.
quality: uncirculated
collection: Teddybär-Medaillen
occasion: Geburtstag
coin design: Christa Reiter
diameter: 40.00 mm
alloy: copper/nickel/zinc
total weight: 27.00 g

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Our Teddy Bear medal is not only one of the sweetest gifts you can give to a child, but also to loved ones of any age. Designed by Christa Reiter, this delightful 4cm- diameter medal has a big heart, which comes in red or blue and is held in the Teddy’s hands.

The Teddy Bear medal is also available without zirconia eyes and in silver with diamond eyes.

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