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Delivery: Fast and reliable

Totally secure transportation • quick and convenient delivery • 100% insured • shipment tracking possible • neutral packaging

For the shipment and delivery of coins and jewellery from the product range on the Austrian Mint online shop, we count on the leading national postal service, the Austrian Post, for maximum trustworthiness and reliability. This not only applies to domestic shipments but also to international ones.

Secure and insured

All Austrian Mint packages are insured and registered. All valuable packages are transported with great care by the Post and are monitored throughout every stage of shipment. All packages are insured up to the declared value – which must correspond to the actual market value – for loss, theft or damage. The declared value of the shipment can be up to 15,000 euro. Investment coins and gold bars can also be sent conveniently and free of risk by post.

Registered and hand delivered

The handover of a valuable shipment is done exclusively ‘from hand to hand’ and a confirmation of receipt is given to the recipient. If you have made an agreement with the Austrian Post to receive your packages even when you are away, you should make a different arrangement for deliveries from the Austrian Mint and we recommend that you provide an alternative delivery address for Austrian Mint deliveries, otherwise the deliverer may leave a valuable package on the doorstep. The whereabouts and status of the registered shipment are traceable and retrievable online at any time by means of a unique delivery number.

Fast delivery, neutral packaging

In general, ordered products are prepared for sending and handed over to the postal service some 3 to 6 working days from the receipt of payment. You then receive an email with confirmation of shipment and tracking number. Domestic packages are delivered by the Austrian Post within 2 working days. The delivery time of international shipments varies depending on the international zone. You receive your valuable package in totally neutral and discreet packaging, so that no conclusions can be drawn about the contents of the packaging.

All further questions about the ordering process, shipping and delivery costs can be found at Service/FAQs/Ordering and Service/FAQs/Delivery.

List of shipping and insurance costs (excluding VAT)

Order value in Euro




up to 510.00

5.00 excl. VAT

7.00 excl. VAT

17.00 excl. VAT *

up to 1,500.00

7.00 excl. VAT

7.00 excl. VAT

22.00 excl. VAT *

over 1,500.00

10.00 excl. VAT

9.00 excl. VAT

28.00 excl. VAT *

* For countries outside the European Union there is no VAT; for EU countries there is the Austrian VAT.

The figures above are for the purpose of orientation. The exact costs will be shown prior to completion of your order. If need be, you can change your order at this time.

Delivery concept, © Africa Studio / shutterstock