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FAQs regarding our Gold Savings Plan

Your package is fully insured by Münze Österreich during transport.

Purchasing small quantities over a longer interval enables you to compensate for short-term price fluctuations.

No. You can also base your savings plan on silver and platinum products.

Your delivery interval is as individual as you want it to be. If you want to save on delivery costs, longer intervals (semi-annual or yearly) make sense.

Then the order is deemed cancelled that particular time without any costs or hassle for you.

You receive a confirmation of the order by post/e-mail prior to the next delivery. This order confirmation contains all payment information.

With the advance payment method, you as customer make an advance payment and pay for the order (including any shipping costs). This means that approximately two weeks before the planned delivery you receive a confirmation of the order from us with the information for payment by bank transfer. Once the payment is received, the products are shipped by Münze Österreich.

Once the payment is received, the products are consigned to our shipping partner within three working days. The delivery time for the package then depends on the country where you as customer are located. In Austria the post office delivers within two working days, to Germany normally between two and five working days.

You can check the exact progress of the delivery at with the help of the tracking number you receive by e-mail when the package is consigned to the post office.

You receive the shipping confirmation by e-mail once we have consigned the products to the post office based on the option selected for this particular instance or the specified date (in the defined intervals). If the delivery date falls on a weekend or holiday, we deliver on the final working day prior to this. No liability is accepted for delays arising from late payment or delivery by the carrier, which are beyond our control.

The shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the exact weight and the order, and you always receive the information in the order confirmation prior to the next delivery.

The shipping costs are not shown in the subscription details because you do not select the delivery method until the order is finally being processed.

The shipping costs can be viewed under Service/FAQs/Delivery.

It is a remarkably uncomplicated pension plan. It follows a rhythm that makes sense for you. You determine the product and the interval of your "savings plan".

Gold investment products in Austria are tax-free. For platinum and silver products there is a value-added tax of 20%.

Gold savings plans are suitable for anyone who wants to save small portions of gold or other precious metals over a more extended period of time, independent of banks and other institutions.

Families can take advantage of these plans to ensure their children's initial wealth accumulation independent of bank interest rates or to make a sensible investment independent of the securities and bond market.

As flexible as you need to be within a family, our gold savings plan is just as flexible and can be adapted easily and without any risk.

Münze Österreich offers you this service as an independent company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Austrian National Bank.

Real and secure
We don't offer imaginary value on paper, rather real gold, silver and platinum, which becomes the property of the customer and is actually delivered physically. Fluctuations in price are compensated by the purchase over a long period of time.

Simple and harmless
If you opt for such a gold savings plan, we act on your behalf and in your interest: a few weeks prior to the respective delivery date you receive a request for payment. Should you not comply with this request for any reason, the order is deemed cancelled for this time, without any costs or effort arising on your part.

What's appropriate for you?
You can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual delivery as well as between the wide range of our investment coins, from the Philharmonic in gold, silver and platinum to ducats.

No. Setting up a gold savings plan with Münze Österreich is free of charge.

Yes, you can select the delivery method "Shop Pick-Up" during the ordering process when you create your gold savings plan. You then receive your gold savings plan product after payment in our shop at Am Heumarkt 1 in 1030 Vienna. This way you save 100% of the shipping costs.

Or you conclude a gold depot and then a new gold savings plan, which you have delivered to your gold depot immediately.

If various gold savings plans have the same shipping date, the orders are shipped together and shipping costs are therefore charged only once. However, with the first delivery after taking out a subscription, the orders can't be sent together yet if the first delivery is made within 14 days of taking out the subscription.

If you haven't paid within the specified payment period, we are obliged to cancel your order and to refund the amount. Thank you for your understanding!

Payment Method



Payable in shop (pick-up)

Sent approx. 2 weeks prior to issue

Receipt of pick-up confirmation

Advance payment

Pro-forma invoice sent approx. 2 weeks prior to issue

Receipt of pro-forma invoice

For questions, please contact or Tel. +43/1/717 15 0.

The gold savings plan can be found in the "User Account" section under "Manage subscriptions": Under "Manage subscriptions" you can see all open and completed subscriptions.

Here you find an overview of your current coin subscriptions and can manage them yourself. To renew or cancel a current coin subscription, select the desired subscription and edit its end date in the detail view. Note: if there are fewer than eight weeks between this subscription's new end date and the next date of issue of the coin from this subscription, the change does not take effect until the following date of issue.

An overview of your coin subscriptions that have already ended and expired can be found in the subscription archive.

You always purchase our investment products for the price valid on the respective day on the website This price is updated daily from Monday to Friday. If you choose an investment product on a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday, the final price will be indicated in the confirmation of your order, which you then receive on the first subsequent banking day.

It is only possible to change the individual end date in the "My Account" area later. If you wish to make other changes, you have to cancel the existing subscription and take out a new subscription with the desired parameters.

There is no minimum agreement period in a narrower sense. You can determine the term of your gold savings plan yourself by entering an end date of your choice. If you merely want to purchase precious metals on an irregular or one-off basis, the gold savings plan is not the right product for you. You can make your purchases in the usual manner at our Münze Österreich shop at Am Heumarkt or in our web shop.

Anytime by changing the end date (final delivery) in the subscription details. The gold savings plan then ends on this date (final delivery). Thus it is entirely up to you how long you want to invest in our precious metal products.

Gold Savings Plan