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FAQs about new Products

The impression that dealers get preferential treatment is a misleading one. We deliver the largest share of the coins directly to our customers. At the same time, we want to be a fair and reliable partner for our dealers. And the high demand for the coins means that at present we are unfortunately unable to accept any further subscriptions.

The 20 euro series, Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead was very popular with collectors and was one of our most successful series ever. The coins in that series were of a particularly high quality, elaborately produced and were relatively expensive collector pieces in silver. There is still a lot of exciting stuff to say about dinosaurs. This time the series is about extreme dinosaurs – ‘Supersaurs’ – and we want our previous customers to be as thrilled by the new series as they were by the original one. It goes without saying that we want to introduce new customers to the wonderful world of dinosaurs at the same time.

Our goal is to keep the price unchanged throughout a series and thus across several years. We managed this in the case of the Colourful Creatures series. Although the price of the new coins has increased, we guarantee that the price will not vary for the duration of the Supersaurs series.

Yes, there is a new Collector album. It is the perfect place to store the coins and tells the richly illustrated story of each coin. In addition to a lenticular image on the cover, the album also features other exciting effects.

Unfortunately, at this time, despite the fact that this series has a larger mintage than the Colourful Creatures series, we cannot accept subscriptions for the new series. Subscriptions were available, but even though they were limited to three pieces per household, the high demand for the series means that this is no longer possible. If you would still like to purchase these coins, we advise you to order them from your bank or coin dealer. On each respective day of issue a small number of coins are made available for purchase from the Austrian Mint, both online and directly at the Austrian Mint shop (Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna).

It includes

  • the Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2019 in the qualities "special uncirculated" (SU) and "proof" (PP),
  • the 10 Euro coins in the qualities PP, SU and copper from the "Knights' Tales" series and
  • the three silver coins from the "825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint" series.
Coin Designer