Don’t worry if you are new to the Austrian Mint Online Shop – our site is easy to navigate.


In the upper part of the screen you will find our current coins and offers shown as changing images. You can click on these images to find out more about them.

At the very top there is a permanent bar. This shows your shopping basket, your account details (only if you are signed in), the part of the menu where you actually area, language selection for German and English and the full text search.

Below are important news and current offers.

On the right hand side the current price of the Vienna Philharmonic in gold and silver is always displayed. Clicking on the gold or silver button opens a ten-year overview of each price.

Below you will find interesting news from the world of coins.

Left under the logo (which, by the way, always takes you back to the start page) is the menu structure: Invest, Collect, Give, Discover, About Us and Sign in.

If you scroll the mouse over a menu item, a window opens with links to the topics from the area in question.

Example: Menu point “invest” -> Gold -> Vienna Philharmonic -> 1/10 ounce -> Detail page about 1/10 ounce Vienna Philharmonic

If you click on the menu item, an overview page comes up with the topics corresponding to Invest, Collect, Give and Discover. However, the menu item About Us does not lead to an overview page, only the topic window.

Sign in

The sign in button brings you to sign in and registration.

If you are already an online client of the Austrian Mint, you can sign in with your user name (email address) and password. You only have to sign in if you want to purchase products. You can sign in directly from the shopping basket.

If you would like to become a new online client of the Austrian Mint, please register. Please note that the user name is always your email address. The password has to have at least eight characters and for your security should be a combination of letter and numbers.


At the bottom of the page you will find our address, contact information, information about the company, press and event area and interesting things to know about our collector club.

All of the contents and information can be reached through the corresponding menu point within the website.

Do you have any queries that have not been answered here? Please send us an email to: marketing@austrian-mint.at or call us Mondays to Fridays (office hours) from

9:00 to 16:00 pm at +43/1/717 15 200.

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