Subscription Service

With the Austrian Mint’s subscription service you can get your collector coins and euro coin sets safely and effortlessly delivered directly to your home. By simply choosing the coins you would like to purchase on a regular basis you can make sure that you never miss a new issue and are always among the first to get hold of one.


  • Convenient. We will let you know well beforehand that a new coin is to be issued. All you need to do to guarantee that coins come to your home automatically is transfer the amount to be paid, or pay by credit card.
  • Reliable. Highly sought-after coins are reserved for you within the requisite payment period. 
  • Fast. Upon receipt of your payment, coins will be delivered to you immediately after the day of issue by registered post.
  • Flexible. Your subscription is flexible and can be adapted by you at any time. Please note that all modifications to your subscription must reach us eight weeks prior to a coin’s issue at the very latest.

How to take out a subscription

All you have to do is send us the completed form by email, fax or post. Different forms are available for different regions since VAT rates may vary. You will need Acrobat Reader to print the forms.

How to contact us

If you have any queries about your subscription please contact:

Münze Österreich AG
Abteilung Verkauf
Phone: +43 1 717 15 425 oder 426
Fax: +43 1715 86 10
Email: marketing@austrian-mint.at
Am Heumarkt 1
1030 Vienna

Further Information

If you are also interested in purchasing individual products on a regular basis please contact us at the address above. But please be aware that this service is only available for coins and coin sets in Proof and Special Uncirculated quality. Coins in Uncirculated quality are not available from the Austrian Mint but can be obtained at the Austrian Central Bank, at Austrian banks and at coin traders.

Please also consider the possibility of purchasing your coins directly at Austrian banks in order to save on postal charges and insurance.


Austria and European Union (EXCLUDING GERMANY)


Rest of the world

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