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Silder picture Alpine Treasures 50 euro gold coin series

Alpine Treasures

The gold coin series shows off the multifaceted nature of the country’s spectacular mountain landscape.



Our new series of superlatives: The 3 Euro Dino Talers are colourful, glowing at night and are unique.

Magic of gold

The Magic of Gold

By means of this series we tell the story of the value of gold and the role it has played in advanced civilisations.

Knights’ Tales Coin Series

Knights' tales

Collect all the knight coins in three different qualities.

colourful creatures, the crayfish

Colourful Creatures

The extraordinary coin series for Animal Lovers of all ages.

Silver Niobium Coin Artificial Intelligence

Silver Niobium Coins

Our silver niobium coins are extremely popular with collectors and investors.

Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky

This fascinating four-coin series celebrates the story of manned flight.

Austria Piece by Piece series

Past coin series

Numerous coin series from past years are waiting to be discovered by you.

Best Sellers

The Advent of Powered Flight

The Advent of Powered Flight

10 euro silver coin adventure proof averse

Silver Coin Adventure

colourful creatures, crayfish, sold out

The Crayfish

silver niobium coin artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Collector Coins

Coin Subscription

Be on the safe side with a classic subscription or a series subscription.

Collector coins

Coin Issues

Discover all coin issues and new releases.