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Calendar Medal 2023 in Gold-plated Silver

  • Perfect New Year gift
  • All public holidays at a glance
  • Unique pocket calendar and talisman
  • Highest possible minting quality
78.00 €
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Maximum order quantity: 20
Maximum order quantity: 20

The Calendar Medal 2023 celebrates the year of Mars, who was worshipped in ancient times as the god of war. The son of Jupiter and Juno, Mars was also considered by the ancient Romans to be the father of Romulus and Remus and therefore the father of the founders of Rome itself. For the Sabines, who considered him very versatile, Mars was both the god of prophecy and of the spring, which is why the month of March is named after him.

Despite his bellicose nature, Mars also had a peaceful side, as shown by his love for the goddess Venus with whom he fathered Cupid. Venus is shown embracing the armed Mars on one side of the medal, her mouth close to his and her hands wrapped around his neck. The other side of the medal shows the dates of all the Sundays and public holidays in the year. Available in gold, silver, silver gold-plated and bronze, this elegant pocket year planner will help you be like Mars by being as versatile as you can in 2023. Plan your days accordingly.

Product No. 26285
Quality Proof
Occasion New Year
Diameter 40.00 mm
Coin Design Kathrin Kuntner
Alloy Silver Ag 900 gold-plated
Fine Weight 23.40 g
Total Weight 26.00 g
Packaging Comes in a blister pack featuring information in German
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