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Gold Depot

How to keep your gold safe and insured.

What is a Gold Depot Account?

The Münze Österreich gold depot offers you the opportunity to store any precious metals that you purchase from us safely and securely at Münze Österreich.

Once you purchase gold online or from the Münze Österreich Shop, it can be transferred directly to your gold depot account.

You can store gold bars, Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins in gold and platinum, and ducats in your gold depot account.

Security is affordable: storage costs are low and based on the value of the precious metals stored.

Retrieving your gold is simple and can be done at any time. You can choose between picking it up in person, having it delivered or selling it on to a dealer.

The Benefits

Secure: Your gold will be insured and stored securely in the vaults of Münze Österreich.

Easy: You can buy precious metals from the Münze Österreich online shop whenever you like and have them transferred to your gold depot account.

Straightforward: With your online customer account, you always have a clear picture of your gold deposits and transactions can be carried out effortlessly.

Flexible: You can access your gold investment at any time without recourse to banks.

Transparent: Storage fees are charged on a daily basis. Deposits, retrievals and termination of your account are all free of charge

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Your Gold Depot Account in Three Easy Steps

The requirements for opening a gold depot account are as follows: you must be a citizen of an EU country, of legal age and have an online customer account with Münze Österreich.

After registration, you only have to verify your identity, either via your online customer account or in person at the Münze Österreich shop. 

Proof of Identity FAQs

You can conclude your contract online or directly at the Münze Österreich shop.

Once you have paid the set-up fee of €19.50, you will have full access to your gold depot account.

Example Gold Depot Agreement (PDF | 159.97 KB)

See Contract in Online Customer Account

You can use your online customer account to purchase products from the Münze Österreich online shop and transfer them to your gold depot account.

Via the account you can see the current status of your gold investments at any time, check storage cost invoices and authorise retrievals. 

Depositing Gold

Overview of Costs

Fees are calculated according to the amount of your storage balance, which is based on the value of products you wish to store. Storage costs are remitted quarterly by SEPA direct debit or by credit card. When a gold depot account is concluded, a one-off set-up fee of € 19.50 (inc. VAT) is charged. Deposits in, retrieval from and termination of your gold storage account are all free of charge.

Storage balance

Storage rate per year (incl. VAT)

Up to € 50,000

0.48 %

From € 50,000 to € 250,000

0.42 %

From € 250,000 to € 1,000,000 

0.36 %

Over € 1,000,000 

0.30 %

Collective Storage and Retrieval Options

Collective storage - for your peace of mind

Your gold is stored collectively in the vaults of Münze Österreich. As such, no differentiation will be made regarding the year of issue of each gold product.

On retrieval, you are entitled to receive your gold in the form (coins or bars) and units you require.

Your gold is insured. When the annual financial statement is drawn up, an independent auditor verifies all gold deposits. The audit report can be downloaded from your customer account.

Retrieval options

Find out more about our three retrieval options: personal pick-up, delivery and sale to a dealer.

Retrieval Options
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Münze Österreich Gold Depot

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