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Our current precious metals price list

Course sheet from 05.12.2022 12:45:05

Round-the-clock shopping for investment products at the Münze Österreich online shop.

We can offer you the chance to purchase investment products in gold, silver and platinum around the clock, seven days a week.

This is possible because instead of buying at the fixing price (gold or silver and platinum fixing prices), which is set twice a day, we buy the respective precious metals at the constantly changing spot price and offer them to you at this price in real time. The price offered online is fixed in the order overview and held for 15 minutes - this applies to 5 minutes in the order overview page (this follows the shopping cart in the checkout) and the remaining period in the online payment processing. During this period you can make a decision about our offer. If you do not want to make a decision yet, you will be offered a new spot price at a later time.

At the Münze Österreich AG shop at Heumarkt 1, you can also purchase the Vienna Philharmonic in gold, silver and platinum, as well as gold bars, at the spot price. You will be informed of the current spot price at the cash desk.

The prices of our collector products are not affected.