Collector Cases

Collector Case for 18 Vienna Philharmonic 1/4 Ounce Coins

  • Elegant top-quality case for 18 Vienna Philharmonic coins
  • Suitable for 1/4 ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic coins
  • Ideal for saving, giving or collecting
  • Also available for 1 and 1/10 ounce Vienna Philharmonic coins
75.00 €
incl. 20% VAT
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Maximum order quantity: 10
Maximum order quantity: 10

Do you ever picture what your child’s life will be like when they are studying at university, when they leave the nest to travel the world, or take the first steps to buy their own home?

Whether you purchase them at regular intervals or do so in a spontaneous manner over the years to come, building a portfolio of Vienna Philharmonics is the perfect way to help your child make his or her dreams come true. And our specially designed collector case is the perfect place to keep their coins. It is no coincidence that the collector case has room for 18 of them, since it is at 18 that we come of age.

The long-term view

Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins do not have an imaginary value on paper. They are beautifully designed pieces of physical gold that belong to those who are lucky enough to receive them. The price of precious metals may fluctuate but by purchasing Vienna Philharmonics over a lengthy time period that fluctuation will be balanced out and your investment will grow.

The top-quality Vienna Philharmonic collector case is available in three versions

For 18 Vienna Philharmonics

  • in one ounce gold, silver or platinum,
  • in a quarter ounce gold,
  • in a tenth ounce gold.
Product No. 21648
Series Vienna Philharmonic
Occasion First Communion, Birth, Birthday, Christening
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