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Safe Deposit Box Providers

Physical precious metals are a safe investment that offers reliable protection against inflation and depreciation. An important consideration when investing in precious metals is their storage and safekeeping. One secure solution to precious metal storage is a safe deposit box at a trusted bank, but private, non-bank providers that offer you round-the-clock access to your own safe deposit box with your own key, code or card are an alternative.

Advantages of safe deposit boxes

  • High level of security both at banks and non-bank providers
  • Maximum discretion
  • Different box sizes
  • Individual insurance protection is possible depending on the provider and type of storage

Further information about insurance costs ​​and conditions can be obtained from your bank or from the following providers:

Logo Tresor am Schottentor
Tresor am Schottentor

24/7 access to your safe deposit box

Each safe deposit box can be insured for up to €1 million

Tresor am Schottentor is part of the 24h Safe GmbH group
Schottenring 2-6
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 25038 700
Tresor am Schottentor
Logo Meine Schatzkammer
Meine Schatzkammer

Insurance included up to €35,000, insurance up to € 1Mio. possible

Insurance company: Wiener Städtische Versicherung

Different sizes of safe deposit boxes

ÖWD certified

Meine Schatzkammer GmbH
Dornbacher Straße 115
1170 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 361 6100 0
Meine Schatzkammer GmbH
Logo Mysafe
Mysafe GmbH

Insurance included up to €35,000

Six sizes of safe deposit boxes

-50% discount offer for Münze Österreich customer

mysafe GmbH
Goldschmiedgasse 3 - 5
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 534 34 0
Mysafe GmbH