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Austrian Mint Collector Coins

Every Issue tells a Story

Whether you plan to start or add to your own collection, or simply share your joy with your friends and family with the gift of a coin, Austrian Mint collector coins are guaranteed to satisfy.

It is not just their fascinating themes that make Austrian Mint coins so special. Behind each and every one of them is over eight centuries of coin-making know-how that results in their unparalleled quality and unique beauty.

    Coin Series

Coin Series

    Collector coins

Collector Coins

    Euro Coins

Euro Coins



New Coin Series 2021

The language of Flowers

This fascinating seven-piece coin series presents flowers of incomparable beauty.

    Silver coins series The Uncharted Universe

The Uncharted Universe

The new coin series presents three extravagantly designed coins for you to collect.

    Eye of a snake

Eyes of the World

The silver coin series creates eye-to-eye contact with five exceptional animals.

Best Sellers

    Silbermünze Milchstraße Vorderseite

The Milky Way Silver Proof Coin

3 euro Supersaur coins

    Silver niobium coin smart mobility

Smart Mobility Silver Niobium Coin

    Silver coin - the serpent creator

Australia – the Serpent Creator

    the gold of the pharaos

The Gold of the Pharaohs

    2021 Euro coin set

Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2021

    2021 10 euro silver coin brotherhood proof averse

Brotherhood Silver Coin

    20 Euro silver coin faster than sound

Faster than sound Silver Coin

    Collector Coins

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Be on the safe side with a classic subscription or a series subscription.

    Collector coins

Coin Issues

Discover all coin issues and new releases.

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Top Tips for Collectors

Important tips for new coin collectors to be successful.

    Coin Design

Minting Quality

The quality of a coin can be determined by its metal, by its finish or by both.