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Top Tips for Collectors

Some see coins as purely an investment. But monetary value and ideal value are not contradictory, on the contrary. The monetary value of a collector coin does not depend on its material value, but increases with its collector value.

Top Tips for Collectors

Know a Coin From a Medal

They may look similar but coins have a face value and past or present purchasing power, whereas medals are coinage without a face value.

Store your Coins With Care

From albums and cases to boxes and suitcases, there are many different ways to store coins. But whichever method you chose, guarantee your coins keep their value by storing your collection in an appropriate manner. Coins should also be protected against moisture and polluted air, while Proof quality coins should be kept in their protective capsules at all times.

Care for Your Coin

To avoid finger prints and sweat damage never touch high quality coins with your bare hands. Use soft gloves or special coin tweezers instead and always use an ultrasonic cleaning device in place of potentially damaging silver cleaning products.

Treat Coins Like Living Things

Even after you have done everything to guarantee that your coins maintain their shine, pieces made of silver and copper, for example, will change over time. For experts this is a sign of the metal’s authenticity, so ordinary tarnishing over the years should not alarm you and cause you to overclean your coins.

Do Your Homework Before Starting Your Collection

Coins last for thousands of years and there are literally thousands of different themes and subjects for collectors to choose from. Before starting your collection get an overview of what is available by researching on the Internet or by reading specialist literature. Whether you collect antique, contemporary or gold coins you can search by issuing country, motif or face value.

Check for Authenticity

If possible always buy valuable coins in specialist shops or banks, or directly from Münze Österreich and always make sure you buy them from a trustworthy vendor.

Know Obverse From Reverse

Numismatically speaking the front of a coin is known as the obverse (heads), the other side as the reverse (tails).

Be Careful With Coin Condition

A coin's condition is absolutely vital to its value. For example, a coin - depending on the degree of preservation - can be more than the material and nominal value.

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Minting Quality

Quality times three: uncirculated, special uncirculated, proof

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Top Tips for Investors

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