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Gold Reserve

How little money turns into gold over time.

What is the Gold Reserve?

You set up your gold reserve contract free of charge.

You determine a monthly amount that you transfer to us (minimum € 50). We convert this into gold.

As soon as the gold you buy reaches one ounce in weight (31.104 g), a one ounce Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin will be sent to your home or can be collected in person.
As a third option, the one ounce Vienna Philharmonic gold coin can be deposited in your Münze Österreich gold storage account.

After collection, delivery or storage in your gold storage account, the purchase of your next coin begins – for as long as you wish.

The Benefits

flexible way to buy gold – including with small payments.

You choose the payment method – as a standing order or monthly bank transfer.

Wishes and goals change – and should you choose to liquidate your gold reserve on the way to your next ounce of gold, that is not a problem. We will settle your account and transfer the balance to the bank account you specify.

Secure and affordable – you only pay a 5% fee, which is factored into your monthly purchases. The premium on the daily gold price is slightly higher than when buying a Vienna Philharmonic normally.

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Your Gold Reserve in Three Easy Steps

Online Registration

Register online at the Münze Österreich online shop or log in with your access data if you already have an online customer account. Register or log in

Successful Proof of Identity

You can verify your identity free of charge, either online via your online customer account or in person at the Münze Österreich shop.

A gold reserve contract can only be set up by private individuals of legal age who are resident in Austria or Germany.

Proof of Identity

You can find a sample gold reserve contract here:


Setting up your gold reserve is free of charge, either online via your online customer account or in person at the Münze Österreich shop.

Your gold reserve in your online customer account:

In your online customer account, you can set up your gold reserve free of charge, view your current gold holdings, change the delivery method or terminate the contract. In addition, you will receive an email notification with each statement.

Start Gold Reserve Contract

For your regular payments, we recommend setting up a standing order with your bank.

You pay in your chosen amount every month (minimum € 50), we convert it into gold. You can see exactly how much gold you own in your online customer account, under gold reserve.

As soon as this reaches one ounce (31.104 g), a one ounce Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin will be delivered to your home, stored in your Münze Österreich gold storage account or can be collected in person.

You can terminate your gold reserve by choosing the cancellation option. Your remaining balance will be transferred to you.

The Small Print

The customer undertakes to deposit a minimum of € 50 and a maximum of € 7,000 per month between the 16th of each month and the 15th of the following month in such a timely manner that the Münze Österreich account is credited no later than the 15th of each month.

The customer buys gold every month. The purchase is based on the LBMA reference rate AM in EUR published at the time of purchase. The conversion from ounces to grams is done with the factor 1 ounce = 31.1034807 grams. In each case, that quantity of grams of gold shall be purchased which, according to the status of the amount paid in for this contract on the customer's account on the purchase date, can be purchased at the reference rate stated after deduction of the fee. Payments exceeding the monthly maximum amount will not be taken into account for purchase.

For the execution of gold purchases, a fee in the amount of 5% of the respective purchase plus any applicable statutory value added tax shall be agreed. This fee is due with each deposit of the customer and deducted from the deposit amount.

If the customer chooses to ship the saved coin(s), the shipping costs are to be paid before shipment. The shipping costs are € 20 incl. VAT to Austria and € 25 incl. VAT to Germany.

All terminations of gold reserve contracts received by the Mint by the 15th of a month will be settled in EUR on the second trading day in Vienna and London after the 15th following the delivery of the notice at the LBMA reference rate AM published on that day.

Save Delivery Costs - From your Gold Reserve to Gold Depot

Link your gold reserve with your gold depot account when setting up your contract online. The Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coins you purchase will then be insured and stored safely in the vaults of Münze Österreich.

Gold Reserve Münze Österreich

How little money turns to gold over time. Watch our Gold Reserve video.

Gold Reserve FAQs