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Calendar Medals

Great Gifts and collector pieces

Calendar Medals became fashionable sometime around the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries. At that time, they were used as pocket calendars, as Sundays and public holidays are traditionally shown on the back of the medals. The year’s astrological ruler features on the other side, which usually refers to one of the Roman gods. The cycle lasts seven years and begins with Saturn, followed by Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. In addition to every Sunday and public holiday in the respective year, a zodiac sign forms the centre piece of the back of Münze Österreich’s Calendar Medals. Sundays are listed month by month next to the zodiac sign while the year’s public holidays form a circle around them.

Calendar Medals also make great gifts, not only for New Year but also for christenings and baby showers, as they show under which star the baby was born. Münze Österreich has been issuing Calendar Medals since 1932 (except between 1938 and 1945).

Calendar medal 2022 Jupiter in Gold

Calendar medal 2022 Jupiter in Silver

Calendar medal 2022 Jupiter in silver gold-plated

Calendar medal 2022 Jupiter in Bronze

    2021 Calendar medal

Calendar medal 2021 Satur Silver Gold-plated

    2021 Calendar medal

Calender medal 2021 Saturn Bronze

    2021 Calendar medal

calendar medal 2021 Saturn in Gold

    2021 Calendar medal

Calendar medal 2021 Saturn in Silver