Salt Mining

The importance of salt in food seasoning and preservation means that its availability was crucial to the development of civilization and made salt a highly valued substance in ancient times. Salt has been mined at Hallstatt, in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, since the end of the Stone Age. In the form of three exquisite silver coins The White Gold of Hallstatt series celebrates the vital role salt has played in shaping the historical and cultural landscape of that region.

20 Euro Salt Mining avers revers 3D

The White Gold of Hallstatt 20 Euro Silver Coin Series

In 2024, the Austrian town of Bad Ischl is European Capital of Culture, together with 22 other towns in the country’s Salzkammergut region. To mark this momentous occasion, we are launching The White Gold of Hallstatt in February 2024, a three-piece 20 euro silver series that focuses on the famous town of Hallstatt's fascinating ancient history.

Some 3,500 years ago, the richest and most technically advanced Europeans lived around Hallstatt where they mined salt, the source of their great wealth. The series begins with Salt Mining, which is followed by Salt Trading in November 2024 and the third and final coin in the series, Beliefs and Rituals, in 2025.

The 2024 official Austrian euro coin set is also dedicated to the European Capital of Culture.

Coins in the Series

Collector Coin
69.60 €
69.60 €
Collector Case
49.80 €
49.80 €
Face Value20 Euro
Diameter34 mm
AlloySilver Ag 925
Weight22.42 g


Series Overview
  • 2024:  Salt Mining
  • 2024:  Salt Trading
  • 2025:  Rituals and Beliefs
Proof: 30,000
Book Inside View

Companion Book to the Coin Series

To round off The White Gold of Hallstatt  series, with its three captivating coins, Salt Mining, Salt Trading and Rituals and Beliefs, and uniquely stylish collector case for storing them, we have put together this charming little companion book.

The history of salt mining and the significance of salt to Hallstatt and the surrounding Salzkammergut region is told in the book’s 100 pages. In addition to the innovative Hallstatt period, the historical narrative also sheds light on the Habsburgs, with Emperor Franz Joseph and his beloved wife ‘Sissi’ playing a major role in the history of the region’s main spa town, Bad Ischl - European Capital of Culture 2024.

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Collector Case

Many times larger than a real grain of salt, this is a collector case like no other. Beautiful yet practical and simple yet sophisticated, it also emphasises the historical importance of salt in the development of civilisation.

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