B2B & International Sales

The Austrian Mint is a global player in the international minting business. Its distinguished products are highly appreciated by both private and business customers all around the world.

The majority of our international business derives from precious metal blanks’ production. We currently supply these “not yet struck” coins made of gold, silver or platinum to customers in some 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia who appreciate our extensive product range and high flexibility. Whether a demand is related to the thickness of a coin blank, its surface structure, edge shape or alloy content, we do our utmost to meet all our customers’ requests.

We also design and strike circulation coins and collector coins in accordance with our international customers’ requirements and demands. In addition, we mint medals for national and international organisations and companies and contribute to establish lasting memories for jubilees, dedications, conventions, exhibitions and events.

Our consulting services regarding coin systems, coin logistics and protection against counterfeiting are in demand worldwide, while foreign mints also place orders for minting tools manufactured by us.

We seamlessly combine traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to fulfil both large and small scale orders while considering quality always as our top priority. Our global success is a proof for our constant determination for improvement and to get permanently better at what we do today.

Contract Manufacturing of Medals
Rondendarstellung im Produktionsprozess

B2B Contacts

Mag. Dr. Claus Fischer

Head B2B Sales

National and International Accounts B2B

Tel.: +43/664/5349735
Mail: claus.fischer@austrian-mint.at

Claus Fischer

Ing. Gerhard Palfinger

Head of Technical Sales

Institutional Key Accounts Circulation Coins

Tel.: +43/1/717 15 174
Mail: gerhard.palfinger@austrian-mint.at

Gerhard Palfinger

Mag. Johan Wahlander

Key Account Manager B2B

Institutional clients precious metal coin blanks (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

Tel.: +43/1/717 15 183
Mail: johan.wahlander@austrian-mint.at

Portraitfoto Mag. Johan Wahlander

Josef Mantler

Key Account Manager B2B

Institutional clients precious metal coin blanks (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

Tel.: +43/1/717 15 180
Mail:  josef.mantler@austrian-mint.at

Portraitfoto Josef Mantler