Corporate Governance


Constant further development

  • As a producer of high-value metal products we are continuously improving our efficiency, particularly in terms of innovation, quality, safety, cost, safety at work and health protection, environmental protection and energy efficiency.
  • Innovative product development and the constant optimization of our product range ensure the maintenance of our market position.
  • By means of constant improvement and further development, our lean, effective organization is orientated towards fulfilling the expectations of our business partners.

Clients, the public, owners, staff members, suppliers


  • We guarantee our clients that our products are of the very highest quality by the deployment of all the financial and other means at our disposal. Clients’ wishes, enquiries and orders are dealt with promptly in a competent and cooperative manner.
  • We regard our suppliers as partners, in a spirit of mutual respect and trust. Together we conclude clear and sufficiently detailed contracts that ensure optimized order processing.

 Health and safety at work

  • As responsible employers, we attach the greatest importance to workers’ protection. Our pro-active security policy keeps potential health risks to our staff members to a minimum.


  • The responsible use of energy and raw materials is one of our foremost concerns. Any environmentally damaging effects occasioned by production processes or the products themselves will be reported and corresponding measures taken to reduce or avoid such effects in the future.
  • Energy saving capabilities are systematically researched and implemented and enhance our energy-related performance
  • With every purchase we take into account the impact on overall energy performance and the environment

Management of risks

  • As a subsidiary of the Austrian Central Bank, “Trust, security and stability” is the governing principle in our policy of risk management.
  • Within the framework of its commercial activity, the Austrian Mint is subject to a variety of risks, all of which are evaluated, classified and dealt with using appropriate measures that form part of an active risk management system.
  • The Austrian Mint considers that efficient and forward-thinking risk management is instrumental in the firm’s strategy of sustainable growth.
  • Via a policy of transparency, the systematic and controlled management of risks forms the basis for risk-conscious and opportunity-orientated decision-making, thereby ensuring the attainment of the firm’s objectives.
  • For the Austrian Mint, the objective of risk management is the process of determining the maximum acceptable level of risk permitted by a comprehensive assessment of such risks and their correlations.


  • Responsible legal compliance is a fundamental principle for the success of the Austrian Mint. In case of doubt, legal compliance always takes precedence, even in the case of opposing instructions from executive staff.

Competition/anti-trust laws

  • The Austrian Mint acknowledges the principles of the market economy and fair competition. As such, the staff of the Austrian Mint will not enter into any market-relevant agreements with competitors, especially in relation to prices, offers, business conditions, sales quotas or market shares, with the aim of influencing the competitive behaviour of the corresponding competitor if this should lead to any constraint on competition. Even the mere appearance of such a violation should be avoided.

Anti-corruption measures

  • With its commitment to the rule of law and to the spirit of fair competition, the firm rejects all forms of corruption. No staff member is allowed to offer, promise or grant public officials or persons in the private sector, directly or indirectly, any advantages related to their business activities in such a way that this could be interpreted as an attempt to influence a public official or bribe a business partner in order to obtain economic advantages for the Austrian Mint.

Data protection

  • The Austrian Mint is committed to protecting the privacy of citizens. Personal data is only collected, processed or used when it is legally permitted or with the agreement of the individual concerned. Furthermore, personal data must be securely stored and may only be transmitted when the necessary security precautions are observed. All staff members are also obliged to protect any confidential information belonging to the Austrian Mint or to others that may come to their knowledge during the course of their working activities.

Money laundering

  • Money laundering describes the practice of concealing the origin of financial resources, particularly when these derive from illegal activities, in order to introduce and legitimize such resources into the legitimate economy. The staff of the Austrian Mint are under strict obligation to observe the laws that typify the battle against money laundering. As such they are obliged to report suspicious behaviour on the part of customers and business partners in this respect. Furthermore, all staff members are obliged to observe the measures in force relating to the recording and provisions of cash and other transactions and contracts.

Employee protection, environment and energy:

  • The Austrian Mint is committed to complying with all applicable legislation, orders and notices as well as to the continuous improvement of the related management system.

Conflict of interest/side-line activities

  • Staff members of the Austrian Mint are under strict obligation to avoid situations that could lead to personal conflicts of interest with the aims, principles and interests of the Austrian Mint.