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Investing in gold

There are many arguments in favour of investing in gold. As well as being tax-free, gold is an excellent way to preserve the value of savings and always offers liquidity.

That’s because gold can be turned into money quickly and money can be turned into gold. An investment coin such as the Vienna Philharmonic, also known as a bullion coin, can be traded worldwide and resold at all banks at the daily market price.

Münze Österreich offers the coin in five different sizes: 1/25, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce in gold; 1 ounce in silver; and 1 ounce and 1/25 ounce in platinum.

So, you don't need large sums of money to invest in precious metals and by buying regularly you can even out any price fluctuations.

With the Gold Savings Plan, the Gold Reserve and the Gold Storage Account, Münze Österreich has the ideal investment plan for every gold investor.

Our investment plans and service

How do I invest in precious metals? Which strategy suits me best? How does Münze Österreich support me with planning and implementation? And last but not least: Where do I put my  gold? Answers to these questions can be found here.

Gold reserve

This is how you keep your gold safe and insured.

gold storage account

How to keep your gold safe and insured.

gold saving plan

Coin after coin to a small fortune.

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Top tips for investors

Learn how to safely invest your money in precious metals.