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Human Resources


Boasting a combination of eight centuries of coin-making heritage and some of the most innovative technology in the marketplace, the Austrian Mint fuses ancient and modern with a level of success that few companies can match. The vital ingredient in this mix is our loyal and long-serving staff.

An engraving academy has been in existence in Vienna since 1733, yet there is no formal educational programme in the ancient art of coin striking. Many of its secrets have, however, been handed down over the centuries from one generation of our master craftsmen and women to the next. There is no better way to acquire the knowledge and know-how required to produce coins of the very highest quality than to train on the job itself, particularly when staff turnover is as low as at the Austrian Mint.

Team spirit is an inevitable by product of such a process. But while technology is no substitute for commitment, through our highly skilled management team we have also established a systematic and targeted professional development method based on cutting-edge analytical and statistical techniques, without ever losing sight of the ancient craftsmanship on which our success is based. In so doing we have taken our place among the world’s minting elite.

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Ing. Gerhard Palfinger

Head of Technical Sales

Since March 2007 Gerhard Palfinger has been an employee in the Business-to-Business area at the Austrian Mint where he heads the Customer Order Processing department. As Product Manager he handles the sale of circulation coins commissioned by foreign national banks. He also oversees the metal recycling service.

    Gerhard Palfinger

Mag. Sabine Deopito

Key Account Manager B2B

Sabine Deopito has been working for the Austrian Mint since mid of 2009. She is responsible for all national customers for medals and international customers for precious metal coins and medals. Her fundamental experience in international sales and B2B marketing in several industries combined with competent knowledge of product features, quality categories and the minting process enables well-grounded consulting and customer advisory service, from design to striking and packaging. She is also in charge of all Austrian customers for precious metal blanks and several institutional accounts for precious metal blanks.

    Sabine Deopito

Johan Wåhlander, Mag.

Key Account Manager B2B

As Key Account Manager Johan Wåhlander has since February 2018 been looking after major institutional clients of precious metal coin blanks (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and he oversees to achieve ideal technical and economic implementation of client orders.

    Johan Wåhlander, Mag.

Josef Mantler

Key Account Manager B2B

As Key Account Manager Josef Mantler has since January 2019 been looking after major institutional clients of precious metal coin blanks (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and he oversees to achieve ideal technical and economic implementation of client orders.

    Josef Mantler

Andrea Warecka

Head of Operative Sales and Client Service

An employee of the Austrian Mint since 1985, Andrea Warecka has been in her current position since autumn 2011 and is responsible for collecting, processing and finalizing all client orders for delivery. She is also in charge of the Austrian Mint shop.

Sarah Siedler

Support Manager wholesaler and banks

Sarah Siedler has been responsible for major customers and banks since February 2022 and takes care of all customer concerns from order receipt to delivery. She has also taken over the coordination of deliveries of all precious metal blanks and medals for companies.

    Sarah Siedler Portrait Foto