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The Magic of gold

100 Euro Gold Coin Series

Shining seductively, rarely encountered and blessed with a comforting weight, the solidity of gold has a quality of its own. No other precious metal is so loaded with meaning. Among these many related abstractions, we hear of gold’s divinity, its immortality, its purity and its power. By means of this series, we tell the story of the value of gold and the magical role it has played in advanced civilisations.



Coin motif

The coin’s obverse features a stylised lama in the centre, which is modelled on gold offerings. Behind it stands an opening in a highly decorative wall, a reference to the Coricancha, the ‘Golden Temple’. To the right is a deity with tears rolling down his cheeks. A Quipu, or knot record, the system used by the Incas to communicate information and keep records, is shown on the bottom left.

The coin’s reverse shows an Oréjon, a golden votive offering of an Inca nobleman, against an ornamental background. The figure’s distended earlobes are the result of the earpieces typically worn by the Incas.

Royal Brilliance

Since time immemorial gold has had a special effect on those who behold it.

The Magic of Gold series traces the mysterious nature of gold in Ancient cultures. No other metal has as much symbolic meaning as gold and no other concrete substance has been linked with so many abstract concepts, including heavenliness, immortality, purity and power. The word ‘gold’ is written on each coin in the series in the respective script of the epoch and culture represented on it.

All the coins are a reflection of ancient art treasures. What was made of gold in the past still is today and, as it has for thousands of years, gold still has a mysterious and magical power.

The Gold of the Incas


From the 13th to the 16th centuries, the Incas ruled over a huge, highly developed empire made up of hundreds of Andean tribes, the origins of which were derived from a sacred place, star or animal. The official religion was the sun cult. Temples dedicated to the sun were built throughout the realm, which at its peak stretched from Ecuador in the north to parts of Chile and western Argentina in the south. The best known is the Coricancha, which was located in Cusco in present-day Peru, the political, military and administrative centre of the Inca empire. Unfortunately, the temple, and little else besides, did not survive the Spanish conquest of the late-sixteenth century.

So in awe of the sun were the Incas that they believed gold to be its tears and a representation of the sun's regenerative powers. This may explain why gold had a purely spiritual meaning for the Incas and why they were such skilled goldsmiths. The smelting and crafting of gold were religious rituals for the Incas, who crafted incomparable works of art with the precious metal. Their sun temples were decorated with gold, which is even believed to have adorned the walls, both exterior and interior. Among the living, only the ruler was allowed to wear gold jewellery as proof that he was of divine birth – a descendent of the sun god himself, no less. 

3rd coin in series

The coin’s obverse features a stylised lama in the centre, which is modelled on gold offerings. Behind it stands an opening in a highly decorative wall, a reference to the Coricancha, the ‘Golden Temple’.

    collector case magic of gold

Magic of Gold collector case

This stylish and sophisticated collector case is the ideal place to store all the coins in the magnificent Magic of Gold series. 




Face value

100 Euro


30 mm


Gold Au 986


15.78 g, 1/2 ounce

    Magic of Gold

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