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Twenty years ago, through the combination of silver and niobium, Münze Österreich achieved an internationally recognised innovation in which wonderful colours arise on niobium through light refraction on a very thin, transparent oxide layer. 

The unique appearance and beauty of our Silver Niobium coins is a major factor in their success. Another is that their two-tone niobium core and silver outer ring are the ideal environment in which to explore fittingly fascinating and contemporary themes.

The beauty of niobium is that colours do not need to be applied to it as they are created during the oxidation process.

By means of ‘anodized oxidation’, a very thin oxide layer is produced on the coin surface and subsequent light refraction enables different colours to arise.

Exciting topics from science and technology

With each Silver Niobium coin being completely different from the last, both in terms of its colour and subject matter, it is little wonder that they have won numerous international award and are extremely popular as gifts and with coin collectors.

So, it is hardly surprising that many of them are sold out and can only be found for sale in the secondary coin market, although often at a considerable premium. We do have the last three editions still in stock, however. They are:

Global heating

First the bad news: it's getting hotter. The good news is that by acting in an environmentally friendly way, each and every one of us can play a role in limiting the temperature increase. Global Heating, the 2023 edition of our bestselling Silver Niobium coin, is a timely reminder that we need to act before it is too late.

The temperature increase caused by humans since 1850 has already exceeded the 1°C mark. Not that this is a new insight. Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement set the long-term goal of limiting the temperature increase to 1.5°C and this was reaffirmed at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2021. But the current measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions do not go far enough for that goal to be achieved. It is now feared that a temperature increase of more than 3°C could occur by 2100, which would have catastrophic consequences for both humans and the natural world.

Coin motif

Depicted inside the blue and gold niobium core of the coin’s obverse, a thermometer forms part of a clock that symbolises that time is running out. To its left is a globe on which it says +1.5°C. A globe also features in the centre of the coin’s reverse, which deals with the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainability. To the right are the silhouettes of two human faces, in front of them a sea turtle is seen swimming. Due to environmental pollution and global warming, this species is threatened with extinction.

All coins in series

2023 – Global Heating

2022 – Extraterrestrial Life

    Silver niobium coin smart mobility

2021 – Smart Mobility

    2020 silver niobium coin "Big data"

2020 – Big Data

    silver niobium coin artificial intelligence

2019 – Artificial Intelligence

    Silver niobium coin Anthropocene

2018 – Anthropocene

    25 Euro silver-niobium coin Microcosm

2017 – Microcosm

    Silver Niobium Coin the Time

2016 – Time

    25-euro coin 2015 cosmology obverse

2015 – Cosmology

    25-euro coin 2014 evolution obverse

2014 – Evolution

    25 euro 2013 Tunnel Construction obverse

2013 – Tunnel Construction

    25-euro coin 2012 bionics obverse

2012 – Bionik

    25-euro coin 2011 robotics averse

2011 – Robotik

    Renewable energy Silver niobium coin

2010 – Renewable Energy

    25-euro coin 2009 astronomy avers

2009 – International Year of Astronomy

    25-euro coin 2008 fascination light avers

2008 – Fascination Light

    25-euro coin 2007 aviation avers

2007 – Austrian Aviation

    25 Euro coin 2006 satellite navigation

2006 – European Satellite Navigation

    25-euro coin 2005 50 years television avers

2005 – Fifty years of television

    25-euro coin 2004 Semmering railway avers

2004 – The 150th Anniversary of the Semmering Railway

    25-euro coin 2003 Stadt Hall avers

2003 – 700 Years of Hall in Tyrol



Special Uncirculated

Face value

25 Euro


34 mm


Silver Ag 900, Niobium


16.50 g

Silver Niobium Coins

Our innovative Silver Niobium coins are coveted by collectors and coin experts alike. With a classic subscription you are guaranteed never to miss a coin issue.

    Coin frame

Coin Frame

This beautiful frame allows you to display your coins in a completely new way. It makes coins appear to be floating inside its transparent silicon membranes.

Silver Niobium Coins

Our 25 euro silver niobium coins combine state-of-the-art design and aesthetic beauty like few others.