The Beauty of the Universe

The uniquely shaped and coloured coins in our Uncharted Universe series were such a big hit that they all sold out on their day of issue. This series is followed by the 20 euro silver series, The Beauty of the Universe, which again features five extraordinarily shaped and coloured coins.


New 20 Euro Silver Coin Series starts May 2024

From the birth of a star to its dramatic finale, The Beauty of the Universe series presents the most spectacular phenomena in the universe in the most spectacular way possible on a coin. Each coin has a different ingenious shape that illustrates its respective astronomical phenomenon to stunning effect. Waves, sweeps and bends recreate the energy and drama of the cosmos. Not just full of dynamic and exciting events, the universe is both infinitely diverse and infinitely beautiful.

Issued in May 2024, Supernova is the first coin in the series and is followed by Einstein Ring in 2025, Cat's Eye Nebula in 2026, Gravitational Wave in 2027 and Protostar in 2028.

Face Value20 Euro
Diameter34 mm
AlloySilver Ag 925
Weight22.42 g


Supernova 20 Euro Silver Coin
Series Overview
  • 2024: Supernova
  • 2025: Einstein Ring
  • 2026: Cat's Eye Nebula
  • 2027: Gravitational Wave
  • 2028: Protostar
Proof: 30,000
The Beauty of the Universe Collector Case

Let the cosmos into your living room. Remove the lid of the case, put the inlay in place and your very own compact little space exhibition is ready. As the coins can be viewed from both sides, you can explore and marvel at every detail of the astronomical phenomena depicted on them.

Available from the issuing date of the first coin on 15th of May 2024.

Collector case of the series The Beauty of the Universe open
Series Subscription

Due to the high demand it is no longer possible to make a series subscription for this series. 

On the day of issue, May 15, 2024, there will be an online contingent of the first coin "Supernova" while stocks last.

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