Investment Product

1/25 Ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonic Coin

  • Gold of the highest possible purity – 999.9
  • Tax-free
  • High resale value
  • Traded at the very latest gold price
  • A safe investment as a quality European product
98.88 €
Tax free
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Maximum order quantity: 200
Maximum order quantity: 200

When it comes to our bullion coins, our customers trust us to guarantee several key criteria: unparalleled quality, purity of content, responsible sourcing, fair pricing and the brand recognition that enable Vienna Philharmonics to be resold with ease all over the world. All three types of Vienna Philharmonic are traded at the ever-changing and thus up-to-date daily price, making them particularly sound investments.

The trust that both domestic and international investors place in the Vienna Philharmonic is recognition of the stability and security that a truly European bullion coin can offer. Produced in the very heart of Europe, in one of the world’s most stable economies, by a global player in the international minting industry owned in its entirety by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, the Vienna Philharmonic is the one and only European bullion coin. Anyone who invests in a Vienna Philharmonic can rest assured that their investment is in the hands of a most trustworthy manufacturer.

Münze Österreich demonstrates responsibility in every aspect of its production process and meets the very highest European standards. It goes without saying that we carefully source our gold from partners who do not exploit their workforce, who use appropriate means to protect the environment and who do not use their revenues to finance illegal or ethically questionable agendas.

All Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins, whether in gold, silver or platinum, are dedicated to music, the only language that is truly loved and understood the world over. The coin’s enduring musical motif, featuring the instruments of the Austrian capital’s world-famous orchestra, no doubt contributes to the coin’s international appeal. The solid reputation of the Vienna Philharmonic among investors, coupled with the sentimental value that Vienna Philharmonics often acquire, make each one a treasured addition to a family's assets. The purchase of a Vienna Philharmonic is not only a matter of a sound investment, as giving a Vienna Philharmonic as a gift is a most eloquent expression of love and affection. It may also be related to a personal milestone, such as a professional success, marriage or birth of a child, and the Vienna Philharmonic is the perfect way of celebrating such milestones.

It is available without packaging or in a fine red case. Special gift-wrapping options are available for all sizes.

Product No. 19912
Quality Uncirculated
Series Vienna Philharmonic
Face Value 4 Euro
Diameter 13.00 mm
Coin Design Thomas Pesendorfer
Alloy Gold Au 999,9
Fine Weight 1.24 g / 0.04 oz
Packaging Comes without packaging
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There are many arguments in favour of investing in gold. As well as being tax-free, gold is an excellent way to preserve the value of savings and always offers liquidity.

With the Gold Savings Plan, the Gold Reserve and the Gold Depot Account, Münze Österreich has the ideal investment plan for every gold investor.

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