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Gold bar cases

Solid packaging for a sound investment, these cases are ideal for both giving and storing gold.

Not just attractive, they also serve a practical purpose that should not be underestimated, as they protect the surface of your gold. That way your investment not only has lasting value but also lasting beauty. Whatever the size of your gold bars, there is a case to match.

The right case for every bar

    Goldbarren-Etui_Goldblister 10Gramm

Cardboard case for gold bars in blister packs

This simple case fits all gold bars in blister packs like a glove. Not just ideal for safekeeping, it makes giving gold bars even more special.

    Goldbarren-Etui_Goldblister 250 Gramm

Cardboard case for 250 gramme gold bars

Good things deserve to be well kept. Not only the perfect place to store your 250 gramme gold bars, this solid case also makes them an ideal gift.

    Goldbarren-Etui_Goldblister 500Gramm

Cardboard case for 500 g gold bars

The fitting way to both store and give gold, this discreetly designed case is ideal for your 500 gramme gold bars.

    Goldbarren-Etui_Goldblister 1000 Gramm

Cardboard case for 1,000 gramme gold bars

Well stored for the future: The perfect case for your 1,000 gramme gold bars, whether you are keeping your treasure or giving it away.