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Lucky Tokens 2023

Lucky Tokens are available in gold, silver, silver gold plated, and bronze.

    Christmas teaser picture

Christmas gift ideas

Looking for that special Christmas gift? Give value that lasts a lifetime.

The Popular Pig

The popular Austrian expression ‘Schwein gehabt’ (literally ‘had pig’) means to be fortunate in one’s misfortune. We hope that you too can say that you have had pig.

    5 euro copper coin New Year Set

New Year's Coin Set

This lucky charm bag contains eight New Year's coins in copper at face value of 5 euro each.

Africa – The Serenity of the Elephant

Humans have always admired the measured demeanour and soothing sense of serenity of the elephant. 

Luminous Marine Life

From November 9th, 2022, we will be diving into the depths of the oceans with our new series, Luminous Marine Life.

Best Sellers

The serenity of the elephant

Democracy 2022

blue-ringed octopus

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

The marigold uncirculated

The Gold of the Scythians

    Wiener Philharmoniker 1 Unze Silber Avers


Happiness is a bird

Little I-am-me Easter coin

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