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Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 78.00 65.44
1/10 oz 168.00
1/4 oz 406.85
1/2 oz 794.97
1 oz 1,544.93 27.74 1,104.10
    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose


Whether to convey feelings of love, desire and friendship, congratulations and condolence, declarations of intent and even forbidden and unspeakable things, flowers have been used as a form of language throughout recorded history.

The Gold of the Incas

So in awe of the sun were the Incas that they believed gold to be its tears and a representation of the sun's regenerative powers. 

    one ducat avers

Golden Ducats, Guilders and Crowns

Austrian Mint historical restrikes offer the investor a unique combination of antique appeal and the value of their gold content.

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna philharmonic coins in gold

The coin is available without packaging, in a blisterpack or in a fine red case. Special gift-wrapping options are available for all sizes.

Best Sellers

Styracosaurus albertensis

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose

The rose proof

    20 gramme gold bar

20 Gramme good delivery bar

    silver Vienna philharmonic


    1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

    100 gramme gold bar

100 gramme good delivery bar


We can now offer you the chance to purchase investment products in gold, silver and platinum around the clock, seven days a week at our Münze Österreich webshop.

    Fassade Englisch

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