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It pays to invest in Quality

Buying investment products from one of the world's most respected mints makes perfect sense.

Boasting 825 years of experience, the Austrian Mint is renowned the world over for first-class precious metal processing and coin manufacture. A member of the international minting elite, it is a global player in this field.

Without such a pedigree the Vienna Philharmonic would never have become Europe’s most sought after bullion coin. Our Kinebars, which feature the white Lipizzaner horse of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School, are ideal both as gifts and investments, while our minted or cast gold bars make a great addition to any investment portfolio. Also coveted are our historical re-strikes, Ducats, Guilders and Crowns, which are some of our most established products. In addition to gold, silver and platinum are becoming increasingly popular – a demand we cater for with our Vienna Philharmonics in silver and platinum.

Here you can find our current precious metal prices.

Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 80.37 69.48
1/10 oz 173.11
1/4 oz 419.24
1/2 oz 819.17
1 oz 1,591.97 30.32 1,172.42

investment opportunities

Our gold products for your gold investment. The gold savings plan and the gold storage.

    Gold bars

Gold bars

A gold bar is a very exclusive product when it comes to precious metals and gold in particular.

    Ducats, gulden, crown

Ducats, Guilders and Crowns

Modern replicas of historical gold coins are very popular in Austria.

    Philharmonic investment coins

Investment Coins

In addition to the Philharmonics, the Maria Theresien Taler is also one of our traditional products.

Best Sellers

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic in gold

    100 gramme gold bar

100 Gramme Gold Bar

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna Philharmonic 1/10 Ounce Gold

    one ducat avers

One Ducat

Investment Glossary

The Gulden is a coin originating from Germany, where it was minted from the 14th century in gold and later in silver. During the 19th century the Gulden was the official currency in Austria.

An (Troy-) ounce or fine ounce is the international standard unit of weight for precious metals and equals 31.103 grams. Gold, Platinum and silver prices are given in US dollars per fine ounce. The term originates from the Latin uncia (one twelfth of the whole). One uncial was the equivalent of one twelfth of a Roman pound.

Restrikes of historic golden Ducats, Gulden and Crowns are no longer legal tender. They are traded according to the daily gold price.

The fineness of a coin defines its precious metal content. The Vienna Philharmonic in gold, for example, has a fineness of 999.9 and is thus made of pure gold.

Fine weight defines only the weight of a coin’s precious metal content. In addition to precious metal, a coin can also contain copper, as in the case of the Ducat. Fine weight plus the weight of a coin’s non-precious metal content combine to make its total weight.

Due to their very high fineness bullion coins are mainly used for investment purposes and are minted in unlimited quantities according to demand. Their face value guarantees that they are produced by an official state mint, but this is much lower than the value of their precious metal content, which in the case of Vienna Philharmonics is up to 999.9/1000. The value of a bullion coin depends on the daily gold, platinum or silver price as quoted on the commodity markets.

A measure of the purity of gold in 24 parts. One carat gold is 1/24 parts gold (4.166 per cent or 41.66 per thousand), while 24 carat gold is absolutely pure gold. This measure is commonly used in the jewellery industry.

Only bars from refiners and manufacturers that comply with the exact quality requirements of the 'Good Delivery' specifications are admitted for trading around the world. Every Austrian Mint bar carries the Austrian Mint logo, its weight designation and 999.9 refinement, while its individual serial number makes each Austrian Mint bar unique.

Ag is the chemical symbol for silver (from argentum in Latin). Au is the chemical symbol for gold (from aurum in Latin); one of the first metals ever to be processed by man.

The Ducat is a gold coin that was first minted in 13th-century Venice, from where it spread all over Europe, arriving in Austria at the beginning of the 16th century. Today, Ducat Restrikes are both a reliable investment and popular present.

Gold as an investment

What is the significance of investing in gold as opposed to other forms of investment?

Legitimation limit in Austria for cash purchases € 10,000

On the basis of the directives governing money-laundering and counterterrorism, we are required to establish the identity of the buyer for sales within six months and for an accumulated value of € 10,000 or more. Without exception, a valid passport, identity card or driving licence is required as proof of identity. Legal basis: money-laundering legislation under §§ 165 and 278d of the Austrian Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch). The regulation in the country in which the purchase is made applies. The customer is responsible for complying with the reporting obligation when importing into the country of residence.

For purchases in our Austrian Mint Shop in Vienna (Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna) (link), our employees are required to ask for identification, even if two or more buyers appear to be connected.

Furthermore, transactions exceeding a value of € 75,000 may only be concluded if the money is paid by bank transfer (no cash payment). The limit of € 75,000 within six months is likewise cumulative.

 Find more FAQs in our FAQ zone.

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