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Calendar Medal 2024 in Silver

  • Perfect New Year gift
  • All public holidays at a glance
  • Unique pocket calendar and talisman
  • Highest possible minting quality
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Maximum order quantity: 20

Dedicated to the year of the Sun, the Calendar Medal 2024 features Helios, Greek god of the Sun.

Driving his horse-drawn sun chariot across the sky, Helios brings the day with him. From the eastern Oceanus, the river that encircles the world, he rises to shine on gods and mortals alike. Glowing rays flash around him and flowing locks of hair cover his handsome head. A robe woven by the breath of Zephyrus, the west wind, hugs his hips. As he illuminates everything, Helios is an all-seeing witness able to provide information about the most hidden things.

A convenient and elegant pocket planner, the Calendar Medal shows every national holiday and Sunday in the year.

Product No. 26902
Quality Proof
Occasion New Year
Diameter 40.00 mm
Coin Design Kathrin Kuntner
Alloy Silver Ag 900
Fine Weight 23.40 g
Total Weight 26.00 g
Packaging Comes in a blister pack featuring information in German
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