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Coin of the Year Awards 2023

Once again, Austrian coins were among the big winners at the international Coin of the Year Awards (COTY) this year. We would like to share our delight with all our customers, especially those who own one or both award-winning coins. Congratulations!

Small country, grand scale

Austria is not only a world leader in the field of investment coins but also when it comes to collector coins. Münze Österreich shows this on a regular basis and has just done so again at the COTY Awards 2023, where our 2021 coins were presented to a jury of experts.

The Milky Way, the first coin in the 20-euro silver series, The Uncharted Universe, won the Most Innovative Coin award. It will be interesting to see how the no less innovative designs of the other two coins in the series, The Black Hole and The Neutron Star, impress the jury in the coming years.

Smart Mobility, our Silver Niobium coin 2021, took the Best Bi-Metal Coin award, but this is a common occurrence for Münze Österreich as our Silver Niobium coins have won nine COTY awards over the years. By the way, some of our latest Silver Niobium issues are still in stock.

With the top place on the podium in two categories going to Münze Österreich coins, collectors of Austrian coins can feel vindicated in their choices.

What is the Coin of the Year Awards (COTY) exactly?

An international awards programme organised by World Coin News, the Coin of the Year Awards is aimed at recognising and promoting outstanding coin design and innovation. An international jury chooses the winners in ten different categories.

    Silver niobium coin smart mobility

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is the 2021 edition of our Silver Niobium coin. This coin is currently still available.

    Silbermünze Milchstraße Rückseite

The Milky Way

The S-shaped coin, The Milky Way, is curved in a similar way to our home galaxy. This coin is already sold out.