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Earlier Coin Series

austrian railways
© Shutterstock / Leonid Andronov

Austrian Railways

Austrian Railways is an enlightening 20 Euro silver six-coin series charting the history of the rail in Austria.

Austrian Tales and legends

Austrian Tales and Legends

A land as steeped in history and folklore as Austria is also a land rich in myths and legends.

siver series Rome on the danube
© Shutterstock / Wojtek Chmielewsk

Rome on the Danube

Rome on the Danube is the Austrian Mint’s superb five-coin series of exquisitely designed 20 Euro silver coins.

crowns of house Habsburg

Crowns of the House of Habsburg

One of Europe's most influential dynasties, the House of the Habsburg once ruled vast swathes of the continent.

where your heart beats

Austria piece by piece

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. That's why when we set about finding out exactly what Austria means to its people we decided that the simplest and best way to do so was to ask our junior citizens to draw it for us.

Land of ice and fire

Prehistoric Life

Our five-coin Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead series brings the magnificent creatures that once roamed Europe back from extinction.