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Delivery and Shipping

Fast, secure and insured

With our logistics partners Österreichische Post AG for domestic deliveries and UPS for international deliveries, you will receive your orders fast, secure and with 100% value insurance coverage.

We offer you:

  • Fast delivery within 2-3 business days
  • 100% insurance coverage
  • Neutral packaging
  • Online tracking and tracing
  • Optional delivery to the post office of your choice
    Delivery concept, © Africa Studio / shutterstock

Shipping costs

All Münze Österreich AG deliveries are insured against loss, theft or damage for their stated value. Therefore shipping costs are determined by the delivery address and the order value. The exact cost will be shown before you complete your order. You are welcome to change your order at that time if necessary.

The values listed beside are for orientation only.

Order value in EuroShipping costs excl. VAT
up to € 1009 Euro
from € 100 to € 51015 Euro
from € 510 to € 20,00020 Euro
Order value in EuroShipping costs excl. VAT
up to € 859,90 Euro
from € 85 to € 49919 Euro
more than € 499 to a maximum of  € 15,00025 Euro
Order value in EuroShipping costs excl. VAT

up to € 500

19 Euro
from € 500 to a maximum of € 15,000 25 Euro
Order value in EuroShipping costs excl. VAT
up to € 500€ 40 
from € 500 to € 1,000 € 45
from € 1,000 to € 3,000€ 50
from € 3,000 to € 6,000 € 60
from € 6,000 to € 10,000€ 70
from € 10,000 to a maximum of € 15,000€ 80

International Delivery

Please note, that sending insured international parcel shipments is possible only to addresses in countries in the current list of supplier countries

Delivery time

Domestic parcels are usually delivered within 2-3 business days. International delivery time depends on the delivery address. From physical handover to the shipping service provider, the specified package delivery time (see country list) is to be expected.

Once your shipment is consigned to the shipping company, you receive an e-mail containing a link with the tracking number to track your shipment. This information is also shown in the "Order Overview" in your user account.

Shipping insurance

All shipments are insured against loss, theft or damage for their stated value. The value of the shipment can be up to €20,000 for domestic deliveries and up to €15,000 for international deliveries.

Important note: If you have concluded a deposit contract with your postal company / delivery service or have selected an option with "UPS MyChoice" at UPS, each delivery is considered delivered when the package has been deposited at the agreed deposit location. In this case, any liability of the Austrian Mint in case of loss is excluded!

Shipping within Austria

Type of parcel dispatch by Österreichische Post AG:

  • Parcels of a value up to € 510 are sent as domestic parcels
  • Parcels from € 510 to € 1,500 as Post Express
  • Parcels from € 1,500 to a maximum of € 10,000 as sealed insured parcels (Wertpaket)
  • Parcels from € 10,000 to € 20,000 as Wertpaket Premium

Post office of your choice

For all domestic deliveries you can optionally select a preferred postal branch for collection in the checkout. For security reasons, a consignment with an online value of more than €3,000 will not be delivered to your home. It can be picked up at your nearest post office or a preferred postal branch of your choice. You can define your preferred post office independently during the online ordering process. You can find out more about this in the FAQs/Delivery.

Further questions?

We are always ready to help. Our telephone helpline operates from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.:+43 (0)1/717 15 901.


Our FAQs

All further questions about the ordering process, the delivery costs and the post office of your choice can be found under FAQs/Delivery.