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Gold storage retrieval options

Complete or partial retrieval of the contents of your gold storage account at Münze Österreich is fast and easy. Customers are offered three retrieval options:

  1. Personal pick-up
  2. Delivery by an authorised transport company
  3. Sale to an authorised coin dealer

The steps to take in your online customer account:

To retrieve precious metals from your gold storage account, you must first log in to your online customer account and go to the option “Gold storage account/retrieval“. Here you can specify the number of products that you wish to retrieve, and then click on the retrieval option of your choice. By following the instructions given in the check out area, you can take the final steps towards retrieving your gold.

Notarised power of attorney:

Please note that if you choose the delivery or sale to dealer options, a notarised power of attorney is required by Münze Österreich AG in order to hand over your precious metal. A notarised power of attorney can also be used to permit the pick-up of your products by a third person. Münze Österreich AG requires that this document be presented in the original. In the cases of delivery or sale to a dealer, please send the original power of attorney by post to Münze Österreich AG, Verkaufsabteilung, Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna.

Personal pick-up

To pick up your products in person, you will need to bring a valid photo ID and your customer account number or gold storage account number. Please come to your pre-arranged appointment at the Münze Österreich AG shop, Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna punctually and go to the cash desk. Here you will receive the precious metals you have selected once you have signed for them.

    Austrian Mint-Shop Vienna


For the delivery of your precious metal products, please contact the transport company authorised by Münze Österreich AG (Loge Fiederhell Transport GmbH, directly in order to obtain an estimate of the transport costs. Please send an authorised power of attorney to Münze Österreich AG well in advance.

Once the transport costs have been paid and the notarised power of attorney received by Münze Österreich, you will receive notice of the delivery date.



For the sale of your precious metal products, please apply for a purchase offer from the coin dealer authorised by Münze Österreich AG (Schoeller Münzhandel, After confirming this offer in writing, you will need to promptly send an authorised power of attorney to Münze Österreich AG so that the selected precious metal products can be handed over to the transport company of Schoeller Münzhandel.

As soon as Schoeller Münzhandel has collected and verified the precious metals, the agreed sale price will be transferred to your account.


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