First 1 Ounce Minted Solid Gold Bar With Partner CNT

31 January 2024

The Austrian Mint and Coins N Things Inc(CNT) are proud to launch in collaboration the first 1 oz Minted solid Gold Bar with CNT as the exclusive distributor in North America.

As Austria is famous for music, the universal language, it is no surprise that both the Austrian Mint’s famous Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coin and the 1 oz Minted Gold Bar are dedicated to music.

The front of every Minted Gold Bar bears the Austrian Mint’s distinctive logo, guaranteeing that the bar is of the highest possible standard, while the back bears the first line of Eine kleine Nachtmusik, one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's most famous works. Meaning "a little night music”, this delivers the message that those who invest in the bar can sleep easy in the knowledge that their assets are in good hands. Each bar is individually sealed in a tamper-proof presentation card featuring a unique serial number and the signature of the Austrian Mint’s Chief Assayer.

CNT is already a major distributor of the Austrian Mint’s Vienna Philharmonic coins in the US market. According to CNT President and CEO, Mark Oliari, the Austrian Mint’s Minted 1 oz Gold Bar is a complementary investment product that will appeal strongly to the North American market: “Austria has created a strong footprint in the precious metals market and we appreciate their impeccable reputation and over 830 years of coin-making experience.”

Internationally renowned for its know-how in precious metal processing and coin production, the Austrian Mint is a global player in the international minting industry and ranks among the world’s leading mints. A producer of pure gold, silver and platinum coins that are issued as Austrian legal tender under the authority of the Republic of Austria, since 1988 the Austrian Mint has operated as a private company with just one shareholder, the Austrian National Bank.

Austrian Mint CEO Gerhard Starsich appreciates CNT’s approach to business: “Based on social, economic and familial bonds, trust exists in businesses such as the Oliari’s. This is what we have in common, as we forgo short-term personal gain in favor of long-term business relationships and strategies.”

Based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, CNT is a third-generation company founded in 1972 servicing the wholesale and industrial physical markets. Wholesale enquiries in North America should be directed to the CNT Trading Desk: with additional information found on their website: