Series Subscription

All our coins are available via Münze Österreich AG series subscriptions. As soon as a new coin is issued, you are guaranteed to receive it. With a series subscription you order all the coins in a series. A series subscription ends automatically when the last coin in the series has been issued. Be on the safe side with a series subscription!

New 20 euro silver coin series "Beauty of the Universe": The subscription quota for this new series has already been exhausted. Unfortunately, no more new subscriptions can be accepted. The coins in this series are available online on the issuing day while stocks last!

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The White Gold of Hallstatt_EN_800x800
The White Gold of Hallstatt

The White Gold of Hallstatt is a three-piece 20 euro silver series that focuses on the famous town of Hallstatt's fascinating ancient history.

Steinkoralle mit Effekt_im Meer_800x800
Luminous Marine Life

As improbable and magical as the sea creatures featured on the coins may seem, they really do exist. 

50 euro coin series Austrias unsung heroines series logo
Austria's Unsung Heroines

Austria’s Unsung Heroines is dedicated to five of Austria’s great women who received far too little attention for their achievements in the arts and sciences.

Forget-Me-Not Flower Close Up
The Language of Flowers

This fascinating seven-piece coin series presents flowers of incomparable beauty.

Magic of gold gold-coin series The gold of India
The Magic of Gold

The Magic of Gold series traces the mysterious nature of gold in Ancient cultures.

Collector Coin in Copper
Easter Coins

Our Easter coins in copper or silver make ideal additions to Easter baskets.

New Year Coins

All our New Year coins in either silver or copper without the stress of Christmas shopping.