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FAQ regarding our investment products

Cast bars (Good Delivery)

Cast bars are, as the name suggests, poured. This production technique is generally used for bars of 250 g or more. Casting gives the bars a coarser appearance and round edges, as well as a slightly duller surface (which does not mean a loss of quality).

Engraved bars (Good Delivery)

These bars are engraved like coins. They therefore have a finer surface than cast bars.


These are engraved bars with an additional security element: the Kinegram. The Kinegram is a patented technology developed by the Swiss company Landis & Gyr Communication. Münze Österreich's Kinegram bars feature a jumping Lipizzaner horse surrounded by additional design elements.

Münze Österreich purchases gold exclusively from certified suppliers that are designated "Good Delivery Refiners" by the London Bullion Market Association. The gold we receive is checked for authenticity before it enters the production process.

As we generally do not "buy back" products, we are unable to provide any information on a possible reduction in value. Please contact your bank or a coin dealer regarding purchase prices.

Always the current year. In January there can be "overlaps" between the old and current year. We ship depending on the stock. There is no generally valid answer to this because we are unable to forecast the stock, i.e. the demand.

Our Vienna Philharmonic coins always have a year on the obverse. The gold ducats, gulden and crowns do not indicate a production year, as these coins are restrikes.

With an order of 10 individual Vienna Philharmonic coins of 1 ounce Au or Pt, you receive them in a tube. Please note that it does not have to be sealed. (Ag are packed in a tube of 20 pieces!) PU (=packaging unit): ½ ounce 10 pieces, ¼ ounce, 1/10 ounce and 1/25 ounce 20 pieces each.

Immediate specification of price is only possible for online orders via our webshop. If it is not possible for you to order online, you are welcome to order by e-mail at Please note that the price can change by the time the order is processed. We will process your order as soon as possible.

No. For investment products, please see the webshop.

Please read our information on this on our homepage at Top Tips for Investors.

Münze Österreich offers investors gold bars weighing between one gramme and one kilo in 24-carat gold. The engraving of the bars is primarily of informative significance. It provides information on the manufacturer, weight, fineness and serial number.

The Münze Österreich logo guarantees the high standard of its gold bars. They can be traded all over the world and at the same time are unique due to their individual number.

Münze Österreich's "Good Delivery" bars are produced by the Swiss company Argor-Hereaeus SA on its behalf. The quality of the bars meets the highest international standards and therefore ensures worldwide acceptance at all times. The information on bars and packaging confirms authenticity and value.

The Vienna Philharmonic is protected against forgery by its complex and artistically sophisticated design. In order to keep the Vienna Philharmonic forgery-proof, no information may be provided concerning other security features.

We do not store the bar numbers, therefore we are unable to trace them.

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